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 Open Access / Abstract 3 

posted by ush 14 years ago

Bettina Kann, Leiterin der Hauptabteilung Digitale Bibliothek, ONB

Going digital: Die Neu(er)findung des Bibliothekskonzepts?

In 2004 Google announced its plan to digitize and to make publicly available 15 million books during the next six years. This announcement raised questions (such as the one of the democratization of knowledge) but has also had a positive impact on digitization initiatives and projects on the European level.

 Open Access / Abstract 1 

posted by ush 14 years ago

Gabriella Ivacs, Chief Archivist, Open Society Archives at CEU:

Emerging Archives/Parellel Archives
The Open Society Archives, part of the Soros Foundations Network and one of the founding members of the Budapest Open Access Initiative and Open Document Format Alliance, is launching a cutting edge IT solution to address academic needs in the field of archival research. The intelligent repository will allow sharing, long term preservation, collaboration and the rediscovery of primary sources.

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