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 Open Access / Abstract 7 

posted by ush 14 years ago

Falk Reckling, FWF

The Open Access Policy of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): The Economics of Old and New Publication Models in the Sciences and Humanities

As signatory to the "Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities" the FWF is committed to supporting and promoting open access to scientific publications on the Internet in a lasting manner.

 Open Access / Abstract 2 

posted by ush 14 years ago

Chris Armbruster, Executive Director, Research Network 1989

Five Reasons to Promote Open Access and Five Roads to Accomplish it in Social and Cultural Science

Economists have done most to innovate scholarly publishing and communication by switching to Open Access. In cultural studies, history, law, political science and sociology, Open Access publishing is still an innovation at the margins. Yet Open Access is demonstrably the superior publishing model in the WWW Galaxy.

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