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posted by ush 12 years ago
Öffentliches Geld für welche Forschung: Nach der Krise der Verteilungskampf?

Am:    22. März 2010
Um:    19.00 Uhr
Im:    Reitersaal der Oesterreichischen Kontrollbank, Strauchgasse 3, 1010 Wien

 Balkan Studies 2 

posted by ush 13 years ago

Wladimir Fischer (Wien): From Balkanologie to Balkan-Kompetenzen: Major Topics in 'Western' Academic Representation of the Balkans

Institutionalized knowledge about the Balkans developed as a philological domain in theearly 19th century until today, Western and Central European businesses and banks capitalize on that knowledge in their Central and eastern European expansion strategies. This presentation showcases some major topical shifts in the field and discusses the present situation.


posted by ush 13 years ago
Die Humboldt-Stifung ruft zu einer Tagung unter dem Thema Wahrheit oder Gewinn? Über die Ökonomisierung von Universität und Wissenschaft / Truth or profit? On the Commodification of University and Science für Postdocs auf:

 Open Access / Abstract 5 

posted by ush 13 years ago

Herbert Hrachovec, Philosoph an der Uni Wien

Remix. Shootout. Peer Control. Gefährliche Chancen am freien digitalen Markt

The free editing and use of image and audio materials comes as a matter of course to the entertainment industry. It characterizes the aesthetics of post-modernism. If one transfers these principles to rhetoric, especially for use in the political discourse, significant problems can arise.

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