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posted by Katalin Teller on 2010/09/27 11:22

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For a better and deeper understanding of the interdependent recent history of (the center of) Europe, the International Visegrad Fund offers ten research fellowship grants annually in the Open Society Archives at Central European University, Budapest on a competitive basis to support scholars who wish to conduct research in the holdings of OSA, and whose current research projects are relevant to the holdings and the given research priorities of the Fund and OSA. Deadline for application: October 14, 2010.

The grants of 2.000 euro are designed to provide access to the archives for scholars, artists, and journalists, and to cover travel to and from Budapest, a modest subsistence, and accommodation for a maximum research period of two months.

Fellows are free to work on the project of their choice; however, in the academic year of 2010-2011, applicants with one of the following topics might enjoy advantage over other applicants:

  • Representations and interpretations of World War II and/or subsequent wars in Europe;
  • The complicated relationship between historiography/history writing and propaganda.

Applicants, preferably but not exclusively, from a V4 country, may be researchers, students after their first degree carrying out research, or artists, journalists, academics, or others who have already started their project that is relevant for the holdings at OSA.

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