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Der serbische Staatssekretär für sozialpolitische Fragen, Željko Vasiljević, könnte Ende August etwas zuviel Sonne abbekommen haben. Jedenfalls lässt eine Meldung in der pakistanischen Daily Times relativ bündig darauf schließen:

Die Headline besagt: "Serbia to import 250,000 brides". Und der gewiss nicht unter Alkoholeinfluss verfasste Bericht dazu lautet wie folgt:

Government officials are importing 250,000 brides for frustrated lovelorn bachelors in Serbia. Social services chiefs are already in talks with neighbours like the Ukraine, Moldova and Russia and with Far Eastern countries like Vietnam, Burma and Cambodia. Zeljko Vasiljevic, secretary of state for social policy, said: “There are 250,000 unmarried young men in Serbian villages who would like to get married but have no women to marry.” The prize brides for the frustrated bachelors could come from further afield, explained the minister. “There is a lot of potential in brides from Cambodia, Laos, Burma and Vietnam. They have a tradition of bearing children. “And those girls are also good at agricultural work,” he added.

U.a. hat Eric Gordy von East Ethnia auf diese wegweisenden Ideen zur serbischen Demographie aufmerksam gemacht - und ein Kommentar zu seinem Blog verweist auch auf das Dementi derartiger Vorhaben duch den serbischen Arbeitsminister Rasim Ljajić. Den Rest wird man wohl koalitionsintern zu klären haben. Festzuhalten bleibt, zumindest für den Moment, wie zwanglos sich Klischees über die Verfügbarkeit asiatischer Frauen, Bilder der/s Fremden an sich und politisch stilisierbare Ängste angesichts einer sinkenden Geburtenrate zu eben jener Idee komprimieren können, die Schafhirten die problemlose Unterdrückung von Frauen - denen es dann natürlich viel viel besser geht - frei Haus liefern will.

Würden Sie diesem Mann eine Frau abkaufen?

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This is, actually, only one of many expressions patriotism and deep concern for the future existence of the Reggae Wonderland by the people who are the best connoisseurs of the Serbian Volksseele. In other words,the main representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church and a shockproofed group of the right-oriented communists' successors (yes, you red correctly!), military enthusiasts, nationalists, patriarchal religious persons, known as "socialists" in Serbia. Their biggest concern is a very low natality in the Heimat: well, after forcing hundred thousand of people to leave the country, literally entire younger generations, and provided brain drain process, they came to the many brilliant ideas, following their leader Slobodan Milošević. Starting with the celebration of the 600th anniversary of the Kosovo Battle in 1989 (more about the event and generally about the obsession with Kosovo, cf. here), the reviving of the Jugović mother (cf. epic Brothers Jugovic's Mother here) model for women was promoted. Alas, disobedient Serbian girls didn't follow neither the order to deliver at least three children, nor the Church suggestion to escape abortion in any case and, if they really don't want children, nevertheless to give them birth and then to leave them to the Church, which would nurture and educate them... So, the patriots had to provide some other women, understanding and willing to fulfill the Task, and some successful actions already took place. For instance, there were a big fair in Ivanjica several months ago, when numerous bachelors came to find, meet, and bring home Albanian girls as future brides. And, why not the women from Asia too? According to the primitive cliché, they are also docile, faithful, ready to dedicated to their Man and deliver as many children as it is needed.  Fortunately, there is also so-called Druga Srbija or the Other Serbia, and step by step it will become the first one -- a significant ray of hope saying that, in spite of all Vasiljević-like creatures remained from the former times, today would 61% of Serbs vote for the EU.

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And the EU said yesterday, that Serbia could get the status of a candidate in 2009 (depending on the Mladić-question and so on...).

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Yes, you are right. And today the Serbian Parliament officially
accepted the Stabilization and Association Agreement, finally! Of course,
the Voja&Velja brotherhood (Kostunica and Ilic, that is, their parties)
voted against but, also finally and fortunately, this time they could not
spoil anything. Moreover, the most disciplined and, at least judging from
the outside, the firmest of all, Radical party is falling apart, and even
Tomislav Nikolic agreed this is the historical day for Serbia. Well, the influence
of the sunshine can obviously be also very positive these days... especially
due to the very few remained people Zoran Djindjic wisely chose some years ago.

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