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posted by PP on 2006/01/31 20:58

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In Peter Suber's Weblog you can find the Link towards and an Excerpt of

Kuan-Teh Jeang: Open Access And Public Archiving: The Future Of Scientific Publishing? NIH Catalyst, Jan-Feb, 2006

which has the character of some pleading, but nevertheless is worth reading.

Traditional journals, like print journalism, remain the dominant force at the moment. However, slowly but surely, the open-access web and electronically based upstarts are gaining traction.

For not getting in some predictive mood, just one remark for the moment: The natural as well as the technological sciences will suceed - cause more sooner than later they will adopt Open Access for their scientific systems. And then the Humanities and the Cultural Studies will be astonished and declare that they got overruled. Ah, once again...


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Seitenwechsel. Geschichten vom Fußball. Hgg. v. Samo Kobenter u. Peter Plener. Wien: Bohmann 2008, 237 pp.
(Weitere Informationen hier)
Transcarpathica. Germanistisches Jahrbuch Rumänien 3-4/2004-2005. Hgg. v. Andrei Corbea-Hoisie u. Alexander Rubel. Bukarest/Bucuresti: Editura Paideia 2008, 336 pp.
[Die online-Fassung meines Einleitungsbeitrags "Thesen zur Bedeutung der Medien für Erinnerungen und Kulturen in Mitteleuropa" findet sich auf Kakanien revisited (Abstract / .pdf).]
Seitenweise. Was das Buch ist. Hgg. v. Thomas Eder, Samo Kobenter u. Peter Plener. Wien: Bundespressedienst 2010, 480 pp.
(Weitere Informationen hier wie da, v.a. auch do. - und die Rezension von Ursula Reber findet sich hier [.pdf].)
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