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Truth, Love and "those in the East". Czech Images of Central and Eastern Europe will be the title of an interesting conference on November 12 at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague.

Morning Session (9:00-12:00; Chair: David Svoboda, FHS UK, Prague):

  • Radomír Vlček (FF MU, Brno): The Myth of Russian Empire in Czech Society
    Maria Kagusheva (FF UK, Prague): The Image of the Russians in Czech News Servers
  • Michaela Pešková (ZČU, Pilsen): Presentation of a research project on immigrants from ex-USSR, conducted by the Department of Slavic Studies, ZČU Pilsen
Discussion, coffee break
  • David Svoboda (FHS UK, Prague): Czech Attitude towards Ukrainhood in the First 3rd of the 20th Century
  • Michaela Šmídová (FHS UK, Prague): Belarus - a Nascent Image
  • Kateřina Černá (FF UK, Prague): Ethnic Identity at the Czech-German Border
  • Giuseppe Maiello (FF UK, Prague): On the Attitude of the Department of Slavic and East European Studies, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, toward the Study of Central and East European Nations
Discussion, lunch

Afternoon Session (13:00-16:00; Chair: František Šístek, FHS UK, Prague):

  • Miroslav Kouba (FF UK, Prague): "Macedonian Affairs" in Czech Society
  • Adin Ljuca (Slavic Library, Prague): Turks and Swabes, or Slavic Brothers? Czech Image of Bosnian Muslims, 1878-1918
  • František Šístek (FHS UK, Prague): The Image of the Montenegrins in Czech Travellogues, 1897-1912
  • Ladislav Hladký (HÚ AVČR, Brno): Illusions about the Unity of the South Slavs in Czech Society at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries
Discussion, coffee break<
  • Vjera Borozan (FF UK, Prague): Visual Images of the South Slavs
  • Dimitrij Dospíšil (FHS UK, Prague): Palacký's Image of Hussitism and Bulgarian Historiography
  • Lenka Budilová (FHS UK, Prague) and Marek Jakoubek (ZČU, Pilsen): Czech Bulgarians, Bulgarian Czechs and their Images of the Other
  • Mirjam Moravcová (FHS UK, Prague) and Miloslava Turková (FHS UK, Prague): The Changes in the Image of the Balkans through the Eyes of Students, 1996-2005
Discussion, conclusion

Truth, Love and "those in the East". Czech Images of Central and Eastern Europe
organized by Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague
November 12, 2005, 9:00 - 16:00
Faculty of Humanities, Charles University, Prague
U Kříže 8, Praha 5 - Jinonice, 158 00, room 1036
(metro B-line, Jinonice Station)

Contact and further Informations:
David Svoboda
František Šístek


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