Serbische Präsidentschaftswahlen - 1. Runde

posted by PP on 2008/01/20 23:31

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Im SEE-Weblog bei Julia Nietsch zu finden: Erste Auszählungsergebnisse zu den serbischen Präsidentschaftswahlen, die mit einer ausgesprochen hohen Wahlbeteiligung abliefen. Eine Stichwahl am 3. Februar wird die Entscheidung zwischen Tomislav Nikolić und Boris Tadić bringen (müssen).

Momentaner Stand:

  • Tomislav Nikolić 39,4 Prozent
  • Boris Tadić 35,4 Prozent
  • Velimir Ilić 7,9 Prozent
  • Milutin Mrkonjić, 6,1 Prozent
  • Čedomir Jovanović 5,5 Prozent


Der Letztstand (bei 4,007.953 gültig abgegebenen Stimmen und einer Wahlbeteiligung von 61 Prozent) gemäß der CeSID-Site:

  • Tomislav Nikolić 39,4 Prozent (1,612.612 Stimmen)
  • Boris Tadić 35,4 Prozent (1,448.912 Stimmen)
  • Velimir Ilić 7,6 Prozent (310.751 Stimmen)
  • Milutin Mrkonjić, 6,0 Prozent (245.426 Stimmen)
  • Čedomir Jovanović 5,6 Prozent (230.634 Stimmen)

Kosovo, Russland, Europäische Union,... Soviel zum noise, der die nächsten zwei Wochen als Schlag- wie Stichwort geltend gemacht werden wird (genauer: was davon man medial vermittelt bekommt).


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Ja, die erste Runde ist fertig? and Serbia has never been so far from better future, from any future at all. At the moment it seems only the road (back) to nowhere is widely open. Moreover, it has happened not so much due to the consistent right-oriented parties, but due to the odd transformations and irresponsibility of (supposed to be) democrats, splitting into two soon to be irreconcilable groups and providing comfortable flourishing of Šešelj/Nikolić's radicals. Beyond the stage - candidates, campaigns, elections - there is a manipulator from above, like in every marionette theatre, obsessively focused only and exclusively again and again and forever to Kosovo. So, what is more logical at this very moment when Serbia is only one step far/close to a dark abyss, then his visit to Drvengrad and opening speech at the film festival Kustendorf (established by Emir Nemanja Kusturica and Peter Handke), or the newest investments to Kosovo, such as foundation of a kindergarten or the department of the Faculty of Philosophy... Yes, there is something as well important and urgent: to sign the agreement which will symbolise the salvation of Serbia in all respects, ranging from economy to national pride - the agreement to become a colony of The Great Protector... For an opera lover&researcher, if I may say, Nabucco somehow sounds better, at least not so ghastly threatening. Let?s hope, therefore, the Sunday, February 3, won't bring any associations to the U2 hit, in spite of some hints, but rather confirmation that Serbia already is and will stay in good old Europe and soon enough continue wise Zoran Đinđić's politics, including also reasonable approach to the Kosovo question. As some nice experiences showed, anything is possible with a little help of crossed fingers of our friends...

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