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posted by PP on 2006/11/27 11:38

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In February, 2006, Charles Bailey Jr. released a pre-print of his paper What Is Open Access? [.pdf].
The paper was later incorporated in the book entitled Open Access, published by Neil Jacobs in July, 2006. Bailey's 18-page paper does an admirable job defining open access and talking about the OA movement.

reports Jill Hurst-Wahl on Digitization 101.

And she recommends:

Open access is reliant on materials being available in digital form, and being adequately accessible and preserved. For those reasons, if you are not familiar with this movement, I encourage you to read Bailey's paper so that can participate in OA discussions and developments.


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Seitenwechsel. Geschichten vom Fußball. Hgg. v. Samo Kobenter u. Peter Plener. Wien: Bohmann 2008, 237 pp.
(Weitere Informationen hier)
Transcarpathica. Germanistisches Jahrbuch Rumänien 3-4/2004-2005. Hgg. v. Andrei Corbea-Hoisie u. Alexander Rubel. Bukarest/Bucuresti: Editura Paideia 2008, 336 pp.
[Die online-Fassung meines Einleitungsbeitrags "Thesen zur Bedeutung der Medien für Erinnerungen und Kulturen in Mitteleuropa" findet sich auf Kakanien revisited (Abstract / .pdf).]
Seitenweise. Was das Buch ist. Hgg. v. Thomas Eder, Samo Kobenter u. Peter Plener. Wien: Bundespressedienst 2010, 480 pp.
(Weitere Informationen hier wie da, v.a. auch do. - und die Rezension von Ursula Reber findet sich hier [.pdf].)
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