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The Second CEU Graduate Conference in Social Sciences, The End of Transitions? Central and Eastern European Countries in Comparative Perspective (5-7 May 2006, Central European University, Budapest), will be initiated and organized by graduate students, with the financial and logistic support of their departments at the CEU. Its general aim is to foster CEU’s role as multicultural and interdisciplinary intellectual center, for discussions and debates on topics related to commonalties of the CEE region.
In these three days in May, a number of regional issues and problems will be comprehensively discussed in workshops and panels. Although the topic of this Conference is not EU integration, it focuses on the CEE countries that became, will become, or have the prospect of becoming members, or have a significant cooperation within the enlarged European framework. Both case studies and comparative approaches are welcomed.

This conference will emphasize an interdisciplinary approach. Having in mind that the discourses of different social sciences present substantial particularities, even if they have the same subject or object of interest, interdisciplinary communication becomes more difficult but nevertheless remains very important. This event will represent a chance for young scholars to communicate with peers and academics outside their field of study and specific methodological approach. The aim of the conference is to provide an interdisciplinary academic debate and contribute to developing knowledge networks among peers in the field.

We hope to connect the different angles and produce an academically stimulating, idiosyncratic thought provoking and inspiring conference. Thus, we expect that successful applicants will be able to model and present their own discourse in order to reach a highly diversified academic audience.

The discussion will concentrate on the following issues:

  • How can an interdisciplinary approach foster the quality of understanding and the complexity of social phenomena? Social sciences – towards convergence or divergence of discourses, methodologies, and paradigms? How do different social sciences approach transition events? Are methodological instruments developed in other contexts appropriate for understanding the peculiarities of this region?
  • Societies, politics and states
  • Political parties, electoral systems and voting behavior
  • Post-communist discourses
  • Public Policy and structural reforms
  • The prospects of reform and development in post-communist countries
  • The changes in nature and practice of power in the region
  • New Security issue - Strengthening the Weak States of European Periphery

Call for Papers:

We encourage graduate students and young faculty to contribute with papers and participate in the proposed workshops and panels. Each panel will include approximately 4 presentations by young scholars. Another young scholar will participate as discussant. Each panel will be led by a senior scholar or expert in the relevant field of study who will moderate the discussions. Ample time will be left for discussion. The working language will be English.
Call for Workshop proposals:
All the topics stated above do not necessarily limit the scope of the conference. Therefore, proposals are invited on any aspect of the (relevant) subject. Final Deadline for Panel Proposals is 30 of January 2006.

There is no registration fee for qualified participants. Food and accommodation are provided by the organizers. Applicants can apply for a travel grant for the cheapest means of travel (up to 120 USD). Priority will be given on the basis of academic merit and financial need.

The registration period will start on January 15th. We will operate on a rolling basis admission. Applications will be considered as they are received. The early deadline is March 5th. Early applicants will have better chances of being selected. The final deadline is March 20th. Applicants who require visa to visit Hungary are encouraged to apply early.

For further inquiries please e-mail to: Todor Árpád, Conference Coordinator.


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