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posted by PP on 2005/08/01 03:16

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And here are the News for this month (BTW: the Newsletter +47 can also be found, in German as well as in English and in full length, as Document in the portable document format, qua this Link):

Kakanien revisited held a panel at the annual Seminar for "Democracy and Human Rights in Multi-ethnic Societies" in Konjic: Inter-Media: Clusters, Crossroads and Complexity. The Editor-Weblog had a daily blog about the conference that was as interesting and multi-perspective as every year. As usual the panel's presentations and additional papers from the conference are going to be published on Kakanien revisited.

The second Call for Applications for the establishment of an academic weblog forum on Kakanien revisited has been launched. This is so far the last opportunity to apply for your own "kakanian" weblog! The academic forum is oriented toward the humanities and cultural studies. Scholars and graduate students from CE and SEE countries are requested to apply for the establishment of a Weblog and the participation in workshops. Travel and research grants will be provided (financed by the bm:bwk and supported by the University of Vienna). You find the Call in .pdf here.

The already running weblogs Redaktion, Editor, KinEast, BalkanCities, Zagreb, Budapest, Sofia (since the end of July, contributors and responsible: Dimiter Dimov, Miroslava Georgieva und Asen Kanev) and ImagineSEE (since the end of July, responsible: Sabine Ballata) are going to attend the upcoming WORKSHOP Emergence Room // Online Publishing / Weblogs on August 11/12, 2005 (location: Interxion Austria, 1210 Wien), organised by Kakanien revisited.
The workshop is open to the public, you are invited to take part into it!
You find the program here.

Ludwig Elle published a case-study on Sorbians in Czechoslovakia 1945-1949 which highlights the political background of the Sorbian-Czech relations after WW II, as well as the life of Sorbians living in ČSR.

In cooperation with the Hungarian Yearbook for German Studies we have published two reviews: Edina Sándorfi's on Die Medien der Künste. Beiträge zur Theorie des Darstellens [Media of the Fine Arts. Contributions to a Theory of Representation] edited by Dieter Mersch, and Zsuzsa Bognár's on Eduard Schneider's Literatur in der Temesvarer Zeitung 1918-1949 [Literature in the Temesvarer Zeitung, 1918-1949].

There have been published several Programmes and Call for Papers by the Anglo-Serbian Society, Belgrad (The Eighth International Summer School for Democracy. Cultural Identities and Democracy in Europe and in the Balkans), even two by Kakanien revisited (the Workshop Emergence Room // Online-Publishing / Weblogs and the Call for Applications Call for Applications for the Establishment of a Weblog Forum on Kakanien revisted II), by the editorial team of the Hungarian Yearbook for German Studies (Topografien der Erinnerung zum Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs [Topographies of memory at the End of WW II]), by the project group Morality, Politics and International Justice viewed through the prism of the Human Sciences of the ACI in Paris (Philosophical Heritage, Historical Contingenc and Moral Universality. Reception of the ICTY in Ex-Yugoslavia"), by Clio-online and the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences (Geschichte im Netz - Praxis, Chancen, Visionen [History in the Net - Practices, Chances and Visions]"), and by the Institute for Social Movement at the Ruhr-Univ. in Bochum (Approaching European History From Southeast European Perspectives. Social Movements and Social Change in the 19th and 20th Centuries").

Last but not least: Ursula Reber from the editorial team announced in a Blog a Call for Papers concerning the "The Austro-Hungarian period in Bosnia-Herzegovina (1878-1918)". Togethter with Colleagues from Belgium and Canada she is going to publish a bilingual anthology of essays on the political and cultural impact of the Austro-Hungarian occupation and annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina and would like to encourage other researchers - especially from former Yugoslavia or Bosnia-Herzegovina - to submit proposals.

And a promise: Of course we will update the list of Events in August.



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Senior Editor

Seitenwechsel. Geschichten vom Fußball. Hgg. v. Samo Kobenter u. Peter Plener. Wien: Bohmann 2008, 237 pp.
(Weitere Informationen hier)
Transcarpathica. Germanistisches Jahrbuch Rumänien 3-4/2004-2005. Hgg. v. Andrei Corbea-Hoisie u. Alexander Rubel. Bukarest/Bucuresti: Editura Paideia 2008, 336 pp.
[Die online-Fassung meines Einleitungsbeitrags "Thesen zur Bedeutung der Medien für Erinnerungen und Kulturen in Mitteleuropa" findet sich auf Kakanien revisited (Abstract / .pdf).]
Seitenweise. Was das Buch ist. Hgg. v. Thomas Eder, Samo Kobenter u. Peter Plener. Wien: Bundespressedienst 2010, 480 pp.
(Weitere Informationen hier wie da, v.a. auch do. - und die Rezension von Ursula Reber findet sich hier [.pdf].)
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