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das Zentrum für zeithistorische Forschung (ZZF) in Potsdam hat für seine nächstjährige (26.04.2007-28.04.2007) Konferenz European Cold War Cultures? Societies, Media and Cold War Experiences in East and West (1947-1990) einen Call for Papers veröffentlicht (Deadline: 01.07.2006):
The Cold War was not only about the imperial ambitions of the super powers, their military strategies and antagonistic ideologies. It was also about their conflicting world views and their correlates in the daily life of the societies involved. This is evident from the central role of the mass media in the political strategies of the Cold War adversaries, particularly in regard to propaganda. But the media played a much larger role, East and west, in the Cold War era.
In the USA scholars and the public use the term "Cold War Culture" in a much broader sense to describe a wider field of social practices and symbolic representations as they relate to Cold War politics. "Cold War culture" encompasses both high and popular culture as they shape, and are shaped by, international relations, domestic politics regarding gender and race relations, generational conflicts and finally also the realm of arts and cultural production.

The organisers encourage submissions from a variety of disciplines, with a special interest in work of an interdisciplinary nature. Possible paper topics include the following:

  • Media, art and culture: The impact of the Cold War on consumer culture, public spaces, life styles, media (radio, TV etc.), fine arts, music, sports, pop culture, gender policy and collective identities of race, class and gender;
  • Protagonists, mentalities, politics: (Self-)images of those responsible for political, administrative and military decisions; interpretations of the competition of political systems as a warlike conflict; institutions and protagonists of high culture and social elites; international cultural relations and diplomacy; strategies of subversion;
  • Discourses and counter discourses: Pro-Western/pro-Eastern discourses on the Cold War and their counter-discourses in different national contexts (e.g., Communism in Italy and France; National Neutralism in West Germany; "1968"; decolonization, terrorism), Third Way concepts;
  • Historicization of the Cold War: Memory and approaches to the system conflict from a political-historical perspective before and after 1989/91; physical remains left behind by the Cold War (architecture, military equipment etc.); "Cold War Triumphalism"; conflicting and converging narratives of the Cold War in different national contexts.

Essays should preferably embrace a transnational perspective. Planning for ca. 30 essays he organisers expect each of them not to exceed 60,000 characters or 9,000 words and be written in English.

Preperatory Conference: In preparation of the collected volume a conference will be organized in Potsdam from April 26 to 28, 2007 in order to present and discuss the contributions on the basis of pre-circulated research papers. The ZZF will cover travel and accommodation costs of all invited participants.

Anyone interested in contributing to this project is encouraged to submit proposals in form of a 2-page abstract including a short c. v. before July 1, 2006, to the address:

European Cold War Culture
The ZZF Project Group "Mass Media in the Cold War"
Thomas Lindenberger
Marcus Payk
Bernd Stöver
Annette Vowinckel


Senior Editor

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[Die online-Fassung meines Einleitungsbeitrags "Thesen zur Bedeutung der Medien für Erinnerungen und Kulturen in Mitteleuropa" findet sich auf Kakanien revisited (Abstract / .pdf).]
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(Weitere Informationen hier wie da, v.a. auch do. - und die Rezension von Ursula Reber findet sich hier [.pdf].)
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