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As a further Art and Media Cultural Networking Event the Sarajevo Picnic_2005 - "LOST IN TRANSITION" takes place in Sarajevo on 16-19 June 2005.
The Sarajevo Picnic will pay attention to "art in transition" practices related to the issues of place and perspective and stimulate exchange of ideas in defining the Europe's edges, facing opposite positions through debates and dialogues, video projections, music performances, art and project presentations.


Day 1 - Thursday - 16.06.2005
13:00, Location: Academy of Fine Arts: Lecture for students of Art and Art History
Introduction to Media Art: Background, History, Practices
(Lecturers: Stephen Kovats/Zlatan FIlipović)

Day 2 - Friday - 17.06.2005
Arrivals of participants.
21:00, Location: Goethe Institut (TBC): Welcome Cocktail

Day 3 - Saturday - 18.06.2005
10:00 - 12:00, Location: Atmejdan: Open Disscusion: Defining Cultural Territory Place as a starting point; Perspective of "Lost in Transition"; Perspectives of a "Place in Transition" (Short intro by Zoran Pantelić/Amra Bakšić Camo)

How the past/war/history provides BiH and Europe with its collective identity? Media art dealing with social issues? Coping with traumatic experiences in EX-YU art. Art and prejudice. What do we see in each others art? Experience of a place, state of being without perspective?
12:00 - 14:00: Projects Bazaar – Open Floor; Short presentations of participants and their past/future projects.
14:00, Location: Atmejdan: Lunch Break - Bosnian Cuisine
15:00 - 18:00, Location: Atmejdan: Open Discussion: No Bo(r)ders? Exchanging Places of Perspectives; Transiting Perspectives (moderated by Kristian Lukić/Asja Hafner)
Art in Context - Limitations/advantages of artistic expression regarding the geopolitical framing. What will artist choose to talk about in its art regarding the place where he/she lives? Individual and group cultural capital. What is European Identity? - Trans European Identity? Politics/arts of bordering and transformations of (cross-)border identities.
21:00/22:00, Location: Access: Validna Legitimacija Concert

Day 4 - Sunday - 19.06.2005
09:30 - 11:30, Starting Point Atmejdan: Sarajevo Frontlines Tour (with Ex-General Jovan Divjak)
12:00, Location: Atmejdan: Open Disscusion: Acts of Networking Placing Perspectives. (moderated by Andreas Broeckmann/Stephen Kovats)

Prospects and limits? Channeling Network – The Alternatives/Potentials - alternative approaches.

Sarajevo Picnic_2005 - "LOST IN TRANSITION" is hosted by SCCA and

Husrefa Redžića 20
71000 Sarajevo
Tel. +387 33 444 535
Fax. +387 33 209 715

For all information regarding this event please contact Adis Djapo or Asja Hafner.


Senior Editor

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