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The CEU Press has published two of a three-volume set, East Looks West: East European Travel Writing in Europe:

1) Under Eastern Eyes: A Comparative Introduction to East European Travel Writing on Europe, ed. by Wendy Bracewell and Alex Drace-Francis (Budapest  New York, 2008), 400 pages: ISBN 978-963-9776-11-1,

2) A Bibliography of East European Travel Writing on Europe, ed. by Wendy Bracewell and Alex Drace-Francis (Budapest  New York, 2008), 600 pages: ISBN 978-963-9776-12-8.

Under Eastern Eyes asks how the limits and divisions of Europe have been imagined from the continent's Eastern half; what textual strategies and political purposes have shaped travel writing from the region; and how these ideas and representations relate to broader currents in European culture and society.

Three broad introductory studies outline the literary and historical framework; the generic
constraints that have shaped travel writing and that inform its analysis; and the ideas and understandings of Europe that served as the background to such travel writing; and nine individual case studies consider a variety of travellers and countries, from the sixteenth to
the twentieth century.

The bibliography volume collates travel writing published in book form by east Europeans travelling in Europe from ca. 1550 to 2000. It is intended as a fundamental research tool, collecting together travel writings within each national/linguistic tradition, and enabling comparative analysis of such material. It fills an important gap in the existing reference literature, both in western and east European languages.

The series should be of interest to specialists in the culture and history of Eastern Europe, but also to those working in the wider fields of travel and travel writing, ideas and representations of Europe, regional and national identities, and imperialism and postcolonialstudies.

The final volume of East Looks West, Orientations: An Anthology of East European Travel Writing on Europe, ed. by Wendy Bracewell, will be published in 2009.

Further information and orders: www.ceupress.com



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The workshop Balkan Studies - quo vadis? is held on April 25, 2009.

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Programm, Abstracts (.pdf)
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