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posted by ush on 2007/12/12 08:45

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One might think that blogging is almost out of date by now. For sure, one could easily start to write a history of blogs and social software; usually a sign for the vanishing of any revolutionary aspect of technologies. Yet, a new conference on social software and esp. on blogs is upcoming: Glocal2.0 - Blogging: Evolution Treated as Revolution, to be held in Skopje/New York University, on May 8-10, 2008. Here comes the Call for Papers:

The majority of the content daily published on the world wide web is user generated, most of it posted on blogs or other social media platforms. The exact number of blogs is impossible to state at any given point due to the highly decentralised and dynamic character of the blogosphere. The evolution of the Internet is driven by that dynamic and decentralised nature of this new rhetorical opportunity that is becoming more available and easier to use. There is a growing need for sophisticated discussion of social media including blogs, blogging, blogosphere and social software in general.

The International Conference Glocal 2.0: Blogging: Evolution treated as Revolution invites researchers and practitioners (bloggers) for a discussion and analysis, as well as for sharing thoughts and experiences on the emerging networked society we live in.

We invite you to submit a paper proposal in the proposed areas of interest:

 1. Blogging and Journalism
 2. The information flow within the blogosphere
 3. Topical clusters in the blogosphere
 a. Topical blogs – sports, culinary, politics, etc.
 b. PR blogs and blogs in education
 4. Citizen journalism in the (g)local framework
 5. Forms and consequences of emerging social software practices
 6. The political impact of social software
 7. Blogosphere vs. Mediasphere
 8. Semantic Web (knowledge management, crowdsourcing)
 9. Blogs and public opinion
 10. Workshop(s) – Step by step blogging

 Important dates

 • Abstract submission: December 23, 2007
 • Abstract acceptance: January 20, 2008
 • Paper submission: April 15, 2008
 • Conference: May 8-10, 2008


 Please submit your paper proposals (abstracts, 200-300 words) and a
 short CV through e-mail on

 Working language (s): Conference - English
 Workshop(s): English and Macedonian

All inquires to: Jana Ivanovska, MA
Tel.: ++389 2 20 34 600; Fax: ++389 2 20 34 630
New York University Skopje, Faculty of Communication and Media Studies,
Saraj bb., 1066 Skopje, Republic of Macedonia


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The workshop Balkan Studies - quo vadis? is held on April 25, 2009.

Venue: HS, Inst. Slawistik, AAKH / Campus
The programme is to be found here, the abstracts are available as Balkan Studies 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and as pdf.
Ort: HS, IOG, AAKH, Spitalgasse 2, 1090 Wien
Zeit: 2. bis 4. April 2009
Veranstalter: IOG, Kk.rev
Funding: Fritz-Thyssen-Stiftung, Köln

Programm, Abstracts (.pdf)
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