New Media in SEE - Part 6

posted by usha on 2006/02/03 13:22

[ New Media in SEE ]

This morning of our workshop Emergence3 has been dealing with old and new media in SEE and CE so far. The abstracts of the two papers are to be found here and there within the Editor's blog.

The presentations were as different as they could be. While Amália and Béla offered detailed personal narratives about "samzidat" publications of the democratic opposition in Hungary and Austria, Arben and Julia were presenting facts about the media development in Kosova/o and BiH.

Correspondingly to the contrary approaches to the phenomenon of media and their public, the discussion has been quite lively. While the publishers and authors of Gegenstimmen did not manage to invent a tradition and were mostly neglected by the first public, the International Community monitoring the media in BiH and Kosovo/a are building a homogenous public despite of their attempts to create plurality (by quantity). Indeed, the interpretation of the terms of "public" and "alternative" could not have been more contradictory!

Well then, I am looking forward to listening to the following two papers!



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