New Media in SEE (7)

 Dokumentarfilme aus Südosteuropa 

posted by Hana Blahova 16 years ago

SEEDOX.ORG - Digitale Plattform für Dokumentarfilme aus Südosteuropa Seit Anfang November online!

 New Media in SEE - Part 6 

posted by usha 18 years ago
This morning of our workshop Emergence3 has been dealing with old and new media in SEE and CE so far. The abstracts of the two papers are to be found here and there within the Editor's blog.

 New Media in SEE - Part 5 

posted by usha 18 years ago
The conference e-society.MK which started on October 20, 2005 is dealing with topics, such as "e-government", "free access to the media", "cyber-crime & e-business", etc. It gathers international speakers from the media, the economy, the research/science sectors and from NGO's.

 New Media in SEE - Part 4 

posted by usha 18 years ago
This time research on all media, particularly TV, has been conducted and the report published by IREX, die "International Research and Exchange Board":

 New Media in SEE - Part 3 

posted by olivera 18 years ago
Zu meinem Bedauern sind die Informationen zur Internetnutzung in Bosnien und Herzegowina rar gesäht.

 New Media in SEE - Part 2 

posted by olivera 19 years ago

Die in diesem Blog bereits vorgestellte Studie "Globalni gradjani" zu sozial-demographischen Merkmalen der internetnutzenden Bevölkerung in SCG...

 New Media in SEE 

posted by olivera 19 years ago

Neues Thema! Ziel: Eine Serie von Blogeinträgen zur Internetnutzung in einigen SOE-Ländern!

Nach einigen Stunden Recherche...
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