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posted by istanbul 16 years ago

UC Berkeley will be convening a conference entitled "Orienting Istanbul: Cultural Capital of Europe?" on Sept. 26/27, 2008.  Taking as a point of departure the selection of Istanbul as one of Cultural Capitals of Europe in 2010, the goal of this conference is to reflect on how cities and culture have become key to imagining communities in a globalizing word.
Abstract submissions are now solicited, with May 20 as deadline. More info at the conference website.



posted by istanbul 16 years ago

New conferences waiting to be applied for: Urban Boundaries and Margins (Nottingham, 3/2008; deadline: 9/2007), The Right to the City: New Challenges, New Issues (Vadstena/SWE, 10/2008; deadline: 6/2008), an international student conference Rethinking Balkan identities: The dynamics of space and time (Korca/ALB, 5/2008; deadline: 3/2008), and finally the 5th InASEA Conference, this year on Migration to, from, and in Southeastern Europe: Intercultural Communication, Social Change and Transnational Ties (Ankara, 5/2009; deadline: 7/2008).

 Calls for Papers - Part 32 

posted by mh 16 years ago
Sarcasm? This year's Towards Carfree Cities conference will take place in Istanbul, August 27-31, 2007. This year's conference theme "Building a Livable Future in a Changing Climate" emphasises the positive potential and urgency of addressing global climate change through the creation of high-quality, carfree human habitats. The conference will be held at Istanbul's Mimar Sinan University, in the Findikli-Kabatas area, which, since a major inner city bus hub has been moved there to connect with the funicular to Taksim and the tramway through the historical peninsula, ranks probably among the Top10 worst traffic points in Istanbul (for me it ranks only second after the Bosphorus bridge, followed by Maslak). If you want to proceed to nearby Besiktas, forget the buses, walk! (...and also forget about the conference, unless you want to pay up to $260 for registration.)

 Calls for Papers - Part 31 

posted by mh 16 years ago
The first call for papers for the IXth Int'l Conference on Urban History has been made public. Deadline for abstracts: November 1, 2007. A list of the various sessions to which to apply can be accessed here. (Readers of this weblog may be most interested in the session entitled "Self-Representation and Public Culture of the Balkan Urban Classes".)

 Calls for Papers - Part 30 

posted by mh 17 years ago
Constantinople/Istanbul: Destination, Way-Station, City of Renegades (September 28/29, 2007, Washington DC). Deadline for abstract submission: June 4, 2007.

Globalising Urban Histories: Interdisciplinary approaches to politics, material cultures and ideologies in world cities (December 4/5, 2006, Cambridge. Deadline: June 30, 2007.

 Calls for Papers - Part 29 

posted by mh 17 years ago
"The International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture & Urbanism (INTBAU) has launched the Call for Papers for one of its major events in 2007 - the "History, Heritage & Regeneration: The future for traditional architecture in Eastern Europe" conference. The event will take place from 23 - 25 September in the city of Sibiu, Romania, which serves as the Cultural Capital of Europe for 2007. The conference aims to examine the challenges faced by the emerging economies of the former Eastern bloc in the field of heritage and preservation of traditional places." (more at the INTBAU website...)

 Calls for Papers - Part 28 

posted by mh 17 years ago
The International Journal for Architectural Research, a new academic (electronic) journal launched by the ArchNet community, is calling for contributions to its new issue. More information here. Also the Istanbul-based quarterly Journal of Civil Society is looking for contributions (Turkish with English summaries) to its 17th issue on the theme "City". Deadline: January 30, 2007.

 Calls for Papers - Part 27 

posted by mh 17 years ago
The European Association for Urban History is inviting proposals for sessions (up to 10 papers) for the IXth International Conference on Urban History in Lyon in August 2008. Deadline for submissions: January 15, 2007.

 Calls for Papers - Part 26 

posted by mh 17 years ago
Tirana will be the site of next year's Annual Conference of the Commission on Urban Anthropology (August 27-31, 2007) on Urban Identity, Power and Space: The Case of Trans-European Corridors. The conference will be structured around three main sessions: 1) Corridors of Power; 2) History and Memories; 3) Anthropology, Research and Local Spaces. The full announcement can be accessed here. Deadline for abstract submissions: January 31, 2007.

 Calls for Papers - Part 25 

posted by mh 17 years ago
New calls for papers: The Urban Waqf in the Ottoman Empire (deadline: September 30, 2006), the 13th International Congress of Turkish Art (ICTA) in Budapest (deadline: September 30, 2006), and an International Conference on Turkish Art and Archaeology in Konya (deadline: January 31, 2007).

 Calls for Papers - Part 24 

posted by mh 18 years ago
Non-Archived: Balkan Modernisms will be the theme of a panel to be organized as part of the Modernist Studies Association's conference in Oklahoma on October 19-22, 2006. "The area has reclaimed its modernist heritage only recently and the long neglect has taken its toll. [...] Conditioned by foreign and domestic cultural politics, the vanishing of the traces of Balkan modernisms often went hand in hand with the disappearance and change of political systems, which we would like to explore. [...] We are interested in documented and undocumented traces of Balkan modernisms—personal archives, legacies, journals, bans and declarations, as well as alternative artistic activities (café-culture, performances, and so forth), and their connections to the European, American, and global modernist movements." Deadline: April 25, 2006.

 Calls for Papers - Part 23 

posted by mh 18 years ago
Public Istanbul – Die Stadt und ihre Räume der Öffentlichkeit is the theme of a conference to be held at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar in January 2007 (deadline: June 1, 2006). Interactions between Ottoman and European architectures is one of the themes to be discussed at the International Symposium on Islamic-Turkish Civilization and Europe (11th-18th Centuries), Marmara University Istanbul, November 2006 (deadline: April 15, 2006).
An international meeting on Levantine genealogy titled The Families and the Levantine Communities in Istanbul: Past and Present (September 2006, Istanbul) exemplifies the increased interest in this group; the deadline, however, has already passed. For the conference Steel Cities: Tradition, Transition and Transformation at Sheffield/UK the organizers are soliciting papers dealing with industrial heritage and tourism (deadline: April 17, 2006).

 Calls for Papers - Part 22 

posted by mh 18 years ago
The University of Illinois at Urban-Champaign has announced a Balkan Studies Workshop for Junior Scholars ("Building Balkan Studies: Integrating Multidisciplinary Perspectives") for June 2006. A variety of topics, including culture, arts and architecture, will be investigated in this forum. Full housing and travel grants will be made available to US citizens, while "very limited" housing grants will be offered to international applicants. Deadline: April 1/15, 2006.

 Calls for Papers - Part 21 

posted by mh 18 years ago
Istanbul's Beykent University has announced a call for papers for its 3rd international conference entitled Reinventions of the Identity in the Balkans (May 10-12, 2006; Deadline: February 8, 2006).

 Calls for Papers - Part 20 

posted by mh 18 years ago
Some Calls for Papers (1 journal, 2 conferences) with rapidly approaching deadlines: The Privatization of Cities, a forthcoming issue of UCLA's journal Critical Planning Vol 13 (deadline: January 6, 2006); Town Planning Middle-East: Architecture, Urbanism, and CULTURE in Cairo (October 2006; Deadline: January 15, 2006); Making a new world? Re-forming/desining modern communities in inter-war Europe in Leuven (October 2006; deadline: December 31, 2005).

 Calls for Papers - Part 19 

posted by mh 18 years ago
Paper proposals for the second conference on Archaeology, Anthropology and Heritage in the Balkans and Anatolia: The Life and Works of F.W. Hasluck, 1878-1920 in Wales, May 6-9, 2006, are now solicited.

 Calls for Papers - Part 18 

posted by mh 18 years ago
Below you will find a call for papers for the panel Urban Space, Practices of Everyday Life, Politics, part of the Cultural Studies Conference "Crossroads 2006" (Bilgi University, Istanbul, July 20-23, 2006). Deadline: January 31, 2006.

 Calls for Papers - Part 17 

posted by mh 18 years ago
I have received a request from the editor of Bifurcaciones, a spanish-language online journal dedicated to urban cultural studies, to forward an invitation for the submission of papers (to be translated into Spanish). Those interested should contact Ricardo Greene F. in Chile.

 Calls for Papers - Part 16 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
New Calls for Papers: Global Cities - An Interdisciplinary Conference (Liverpool, 29th-30th June 2006), and Imaginary Cities: Fictions of Urban Space in the Early Modern World (Pennsylvania, 12th-15th April 2007).

 Calls for Papers - Part 15 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
Calls for Papers for two more panels at the Eighth International Conference on Urban History in Stockholm (August 30 - September 2, 2006) have been announced: Representing modernity: political and social caricature in European cities in the late 19th and 20th centuries and European Urban Tourism in Comparative Perspective. An overview of all 46 specialist sessions is available here. The deadline for paper proposals is October 1, 2005.

 Calls for Papers - Part 14 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
The American Research Institute in Turkey invites applications for fellowship in social sciences research to be conducted in Turkey in 2006 and 2007. Deadline: November 1, 2005.

 Calls for Papers - Part 13 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
Paper proposals are solicited for a bilingual (german/english) anthology of essays on the political and cultural impact of the Austro-Hungarian occupation and annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (1878-1918). More details here.

 Calls for Papers - Part 12 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
The Vilnius-based Center for Studies of the Culture and History of East European Jews has announced a Call for Papers for the international conference "Jewish Space in Central and Eastern Europe" (May 8-9, 2006). "Jewish Space" is herein defined as "diverse forms of life and relations developing in the rich context of urbanism, social life, economic expression, and coexistence with the non-Jewish world". Deadline for Abstracts: December 20, 2005.

 Calls for Papers - Part 11 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
Western Folklore is soliciting papers for a special issue on "Place, Space, Emergence", seeking to explore ethnographically the emergent nature of space and/or place through expressive culture and material behavior. Deadline for Abstracts: September 30, 2005.

 Calls for Papers - Part 10 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
For a Fall 2006 Special Issue of the Anthropology of East Europe Review tentatively titled "Cultures of Consumerism in Postsocialist Central and Eastern Europe and Eurasia" critical essays are being solicited for a collection that will examine various aspects of consumer culture in post-socialist countries and how they have been transformed in the last 15 years. Deadline: February 1, 2006.

 Calls for Papers - Part 9 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
A call for papers has been sent out for a specialist session at the 8th International Conference on Urban History (Stockholm, 30 August - 2 September 2006) under the title "Mourning urban change: testimonies of disaster and urban catastrophe since 1945". Deadline for abstracts: 1 October 2005.

 Calls for Papers - Part 8 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
The Ruhr-University’s Institute for Social Movements (Bochum/Germany) has issued a Call for Papers for a conference entitled “Approaching European History From Southeast European Perspectives: Comparing Social Movements and Social Change in the 19th and 20th Centuries”. Abstracts for the conference taking place between January 25 and 27, 2007, will be accepted until November 30, 2005.

 Calls for Papers - Part 7 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
The School of Slavonic and East European Studies will be hosting a conference on (Current Phenomena of) Inclusion/Exclusion (in the countries and regions of Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union) in London, February 16-18, 2006. Post-Doctoral and graduate students in the Humanities and Social Sciences are invited to submit abstracts by August 1, 2005.

 Calls for Papers - Part 6 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
The American Society of Environmental Historians invites abstracts for a proposed panel for its annual meeting entitled "Concentric Circles, Parallel Lines: modern technologies in Ottoman landscapes" at St. Paul, March 29-April 2, 2006. Deadline: June 25, 2005.

 Calls for Papers - Part 5 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
The theme for the 2006 conference of Docomomo, the International Committee for the Documentation and Conservation of Monuments and Sites of the Modern Movement, will be "Other Modernisms". Abstracts for the event to be held in Ankara from September 27-29, 2006, dealing with non-Western modernisms, should be submitted by September 19, 2005.

 Calls for Papers - Part 4 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
The journal Radical History Review, focused on religion and politics, invites papers on theme "Converted Spaces" for its upcoming issue.

 Calls for Papers - Part 2 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 18 years ago
The University of Graz' Department of South East European History will host a workshop on Family and Household in Urban East and Southeast Europe in the 20th century on May 18-20, 2006. The paper proposal (200-250 words) should submitted by September 1, 2005.

 Calls for Papers 

posted by maximilian hartmuth 19 years ago
Archaeology, Anthropology and Heritage in the Balkans and Anatolia: The Life and Works of F.W. Hasluck, 1878-1920

First Call for Papers for the Second International Conference at the University of Wales Gregynog; 6th-9th May 2006.


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