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 Historic theatre in Subotica demolished 

posted by istanbul 16 years ago

As previously reported on this weblog, a group of architects from Subotica (Vojvodina/Serbia) had protested the demolition of a mid-19th century theatre building - listed as a historic monument - by the town authorities. Although a compromise seemed to have been reached with the mayor about the preservation of the structure’s oldest part, the battle has now been lost. Please find below a statement in reaction to these developments sent to me by Viktorija Aladzic.

 Varia - Part 4 

posted by mh 16 years ago
Stephen Lewis' weblog merits a visit with a new posting on wooden mosques in the Eastern Balkans. See also some related photo blogs (is that the proper term?) on painted decoration in late Ottoman mosques and stone-carving. Strangely, his other weblog at ("Infrastructure, Identity, Communication, and Change") has apparently been shut down by the Turkish government. From my Turkish computer it reads: Access to this site has been suspended in accordance with decision no: 2007/195 of T.C. Fatih 2.Civil Court of First Instance. More on this DEFINITELY later... (update: answer found here)

 Varia - Part 3 

posted by mh 16 years ago
On the topic of "chinatowns" in Balkan cities like Prishtina and Sarajevo (and Belgrade, by the way; scroll down a bit on this site), Julia Nietsch from my neighbour blog SEE-EU has posted a brief comment in the context of an upcoming conference on "new" migrant communities in the Balkans.

 Varia - Part 2 

posted by mh 17 years ago
Robert Elsie has augmented his web enterprise, aimed at promoting the history and culture of the Albanian lands, by a section on early 20th century photography in his region of interest. The first feature on consists of samples from the photo collection of Baron Franz Nopcsa and presents visuals from Albania from between 1903 and 1916.


posted by mh 17 years ago
A complete list of Machiel Kiel’s work on the history of architecture, cities, and demography of the Balkans has been put online at Stephen Lewis’ webblog. For the MS word file, click here (.doc).


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