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The Safe Place Project website offers a lot of resources on the security sector in Kosovo, local perceptions of security, conflict, and small arms, and security sector reform. In addition to a publication section a resource centre contains supplementary material and links relating to peace and conflict, security sector development and arms control. The report Human Security in Kosovo: A Survey of Perceptions (pdf) (May 2007) analyzes data collected Kosovo-wide in December 2006. Here is a short summary of the findings, and in the following two interesting excerpts:

An interesting chapter of the Safer Place Survey deals with perceptions of conflict (p. 23ff.):

"The research also suggests that the older population believe more strongly that Kosovo
will have another violent conflict in the next five years than the younger population.
percent of respondents falling into the 18-24 year-old category felt that it was ‘not likely at
all ’ in comparison to 11.8 percent of respondents falling into the 55+ year age category.
The research also suggests that younger people are more confident that conflicts in their
community can be resolved peacefully than older people. 21.6 percent of respondents
falling into the youngest age category of 18-24 were ‘very confident ’ in comparison to 14.6
percent of respondents falling into oldest age category of 55+."

"The research also suggests that younger people are more likely to plan to emigrate from
Kosovo over the next five years than older people.
As illustrated in Figure 4 below, a
significantly higher proportion of respondents from the age category of 18-24 are
planning to emigrate from Kosovo in the next five years than those falling into the age
category of 55 and above." (Safer Place, 2007, p. 14)

The figure below shows the reponses to the question "Do you intend to emigrate from Kosovo in the next 5 years?" - "yes" (lilac), "no" (blue), "maybe" (yellow)(1153 respondents, divided by age groups). Only about one third of 18-24 year olds answered "no". This corroborates the results of the recently published UNDP Human Development Report on Youth in Kosovo (pdf):

"Surveys show that about
50 percent of Kosovo’s youth — and the share is similar
among all ethnic groups — would emigrate if they could. The main reasons for seeking to migrate are for greater economic opportunity and the chance for a better life in general." (UNDP, p. 28)

If you are interested in surveys and survey data from Kosovo, have a look at the UNDP Kosovo publications, especially at the Early Warning Reports.


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