Is violence explainable? (7)

 Is violence explainable? - Part 7 

posted by julia 17 years ago
Another poll which is not directly related to the Balkans this time, but gives food for thought: J. L. Esposito (Georgetown Univ.) and D. Mogahed (Gallup) analysed for Foreign Policy what distinguishes moderate Muslims (respondents who said 9/11 was unjustified) from radical Muslims (respondents who said 9/11 was justified). The data for this poll were obtained during 2005-06 from Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia. Approximately 1,000 in-home interviews were conducted in each country.

 Is violence explainable? - Part 6 

posted by julia 18 years ago
The exhibition Women War Photographers, shown until the end of July in Dubrovnik, consists of photos from the conflicts in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir and Israel-Palestine from five of the worlds' leading war-photojournalists: Alexandra Boulat / VII, Ami Vitale, Kate Brooks / Polaris Images, Heidi Levine / Sipa Press and Paula Bronstein / Getty Images.

 Is violence explainable? - Part 5 

posted by julia 18 years ago
What were the consequences of the "Ottoman conquest" in the different parts of the Balkans? What were the Balkan Wars about? What happened in the Balkans during the Second World War? 60 historians and history teachers from 11 Southeast European countries have collected historic material (pictures, testimonies, literature, treaties, newspapers etc.), blended together in four history workbooks published by the Center for Democracy and Reconciliation in SEE in Thessaloniki. Through their multi-national approach, the workbooks want to motivate students and teachers to learn more about their neighbouring countries and to adopt a more critical perspective towards history. The books have already been translated into Serbian and the Serbian authorities have allowed its use in schools.
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 Is violence explainable? - Part 4 

posted by julia 18 years ago

Let me come back to the violent riots in France in October-November (cf. this blog, 12.11.2005). Why did the violence spread in the Paris suburbs and why did the situation in Marseille stay relatively calm? - asks Le Monde in a background article on 15 December 2005.

One explanation is reinforced police presence, but also other factors seem to have played a role: a tighter civil society network than in other French cities, more social/youth workers, the absence of excentered and segregated "banlieues", as Marseille's poorer neighbourhoods are close to the centre, a socially more mixed city, social networks:

 Is violence explainable? - Part 3 

posted by julia 18 years ago
Back to the Balkans - the Stadthaus Zürich is currently hosting the exhibition SURVIVING - War, Exile, and Reconstruction on the Balkans with photographs by Doris Fanconi, Dominique Meienberg, Reto Oeschger und Wolfgang Sträuli.

 Is violence explainable? - Part 2 

posted by julia 18 years ago
Three follow-up articles on the violent riots in France (cf. this blog, 12.11.2005)...

 Is violence explainable? 

posted by julia 18 years ago
As if it was an intrinsic quality of the region and its people, the Balkans are often refered to as "pulverfass"/"powder keg" in newspaper articles, history books, novels. As if this explained anything. The recent riots in France show how difficult it is to explain violence and its escalation.


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