Macedonia (3)

 Macedonia: ready for EU accession? 

posted by Julia 16 years ago
The Macedonian think tank Analytica has recently published a number of short analyses on the Macedonian preparations for EU accession. According to the Macedonian standpoint, Macedonia is ready for EU accession - especially since several laws in the field of the judiciary and minority protection were signed in December 2007. The Slovene presidency in the first half of 2008 is also seen as a chance to finally get a start date for accession negotiations (cf. Balkan Insight).

 Macedonia - Part 2 

posted by julia 17 years ago
The Macedonian Center for Research and Policy Making has published two new analyses discussing particular issues affecting the low quality of the Macedonian education system:


posted by julia 18 years ago
Srečna/Sretna/Srekna nova godina! Gëzuar vitin e ri! Happy New Year! This year will be difficult for Macedonian smokers (40-50% of the population!): a law has been passed prohibiting smoking in public places, offices, restaurants, and bars (is this a result of further EU integration??). Smokers will be segregated in special rooms where no food can be served. Fines of more than 4 000 euro are foreseen for people/establishments not complying with the new regulations. This will maybe lead to a better application of the law than in other Balkan countries (apparently, there is a similar law in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but no-one is aware of it!...).


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All photos by the Photo Arts Collective of Kosovo. First photo by Burim Myftiu (Swimming olympiade in Klina). Second photo by Mimoza. Third photo by Dashmir Izairi.
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