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 Politische Kultur in (Südost)Europa 

posted by Julia 14 years ago

Die Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft und die Deutsche Welle veranstalten am 17. und 18. September 2009 in der Räumen der Deutschen Welle in Bonn eine internationale Konferenz zum Thema Politische Kultur in (Südost)Europa – Charakteristika, Vermittlung, Wandel. Das Programm und weitere Informationen gibt es hier.


 Democratisation and reform in SEE 

posted by Julia 14 years ago
The latest newsletter of the "Development and Transition" platform (LSE + UNDP) focuses on democratisation in Central and (South) Eastern Europe - the pdf-version can be downloaded here. I found the interview with Thomas Carothers (who is very critical of Western democratisation efforts in (South) Eastern Europe) quite interesting - here some quotes: 

 Wars of symbols 

posted by Julia 15 years ago
The Czech EU Presidency installation Entropa (pdf booklet) by the Czech artist David Černý triggered a lot of debate and criticism - so much that there is even a summary of the debate  on Wikipedia. Bulgarian TV moderator Boyko Vassilev explains why: 
"By creating a project where everyone feels offended, Cerny (perhaps unintentionally) shows how fragile Europe is in a world constantly driven by wars of symbols and representation. It shows also how this war could ignite along the fringes of or even within the union." (more...)

 Visa facilitation in the W-Balkans 

posted by Julia 15 years ago

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS) and King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) organise a conference on 10 December 2008 in Brussels on: “Does it really matter? Visa facilitation in the Western Balkans: Monitoring of the new agreements”. More information on the conference and the conference programme can be found here.

 Caucasus - Balkans ? 

posted by Julia 15 years ago

Drawing parallels and simplification helps us to understand the world. However, it can also lead to misunderstandings when parallels are drawn between very distinct situations and issues. The Caucasus crisis has often been compared to the Balkans and to the Cyprus issue. I do not have any problems with comparisons as long as they are balanced and take into account the differences. A lot of recent press comments lacked this balance and were based on simplistic equations such as Russia+Serbia vs. Kosovo+US+EU and Russia+South Ossetia+Abkhazia vs. Georgia+US+EU. Those same analysts were asking: "How come Russia is first against independence in the Kosovo-case and then pro-independence?" - acknowledging thereby the limits of their own system of analysis.

 State-building and EU integration 

posted by Julia 15 years ago

Tonight I just want to share a quote with you from an ECFR article by U. Guérot on EU and state building (the article is from February, but still remains of interest):

 The EU and the Western Balkans: The Objectives of the Slovenian EU Presidency 

posted by Julia 15 years ago

From 12 to 13 September 2008, an international conference will take place in Berlin on "The EU and the Western Balkans: The Objectives of the Slovenian EU Presidency", co-organised by the Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft and the German Foreign Office (more info below):


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All photos by the Photo Arts Collective of Kosovo. First photo by Burim Myftiu (Swimming olympiade in Klina). Second photo by Mimoza. Third photo by Dashmir Izairi.
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