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On the Balkanizer Blog Vanja writes about the future of Bosnia-Herzegovina, quoting an editorial wondering what will happen if the RS leaves the state of BiH and analysing what he calls "Dodik's Cold War".

He concludes in a dramatic way:

"There is no longer any doubt
that Dodik is still fighting Karadzic’s war – to destroy Bosnia, carve
it up along (new) ethnic lines drawn in blood and genocide and create
a Serb ministate that could later join Mother Serbia. (...) No one is opposing him. (...) This time, the war is bloodless; there are no real battles, no concentration camps, and no
mass graves. Only casualties. To Bosnians, the casualties will be the
remembrance of a cosmopolitan state that once existed as well as their
fellow citizens who died protecting that idea. To foreigners, it will
be (another?) defeat to their international efforts. However
inconvenient, these casualties may just be acceptable to them. Please, keep on sleeping."

The OHR does not seem to be sleeping, though. It condemned Dodik's recent statements questioning the sovereignty and territorial integrity of BiH. According to a BIRN analysis, the new High Representative Miroslav Lajčák has passed "his first tests" in BiH and has proven tough on several issues (law on higher education, formation of a government in the Hercegovina-Neretva Canton). Here is a quote from a recent interview in which he talks about the police reform which he wants to see completed in September:

People need to accept responsibility here and politicians need to show wisdom to reach a compromise. Why? Because this is a requirement that the EU will not give renounce and there is no reason to give it up, as Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to come closer to the European Union. Bosnia and Herzegovina has to resolve this problem. It’s a clear requirement for signing the agreement. The signature is one in a series of steps. We do not have an alternative. If we cannot resolve the issue today, what are the chances that we will reach agreement in November or January? None. We will come to a halt and head straight into isolation.

Photo: Miroslav Lajčák, Source: OHR

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