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posted by julia on 2007/03/21 23:44

[ Civil society ]

Nansen Dialogue Network is organizing the sixth generation of the Virtual School of Dialogue, Democracy and Peaceful Conflict Resolution from April to June 2007 (9 weeks). The school will be organized in English. No fee is charged for participation. Deadline for applications: April 3rd, 2007.

Target group:
All interested and socially active citizens (politicians, NGO activists, journalists, representatives of local and regional governments and institutions) from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo are invited to apply.
We will select a total of 40 participants.

Lectures will be distributed to participants by e-mail (in Acrobat Reader).
Lectures will be 4 - 6 pages long and will probably contain additional materials or web links with more information about the topics they cover.
Participants will receive sixth lectures in sixth weeks (one lecture per week on Wednesday) from April 18th to May 23rd.
After the lectures end, the three remaining weeks will be dedicated to evaluation and writing of final essays.

Within the next three days, after receiving a lecture, each participant must confirm to the project leader by e-mail that the lecture has been received.
Four days after a participant receives a lecture, any related questions, comments and opinions about any lesson during the school should be discussed on the Web forum on the Virtual School web site.
Participants will receive all instructions about the school.

It is necessary to put comments/opinions/reflections at least on four lessons.
At the end of the school participants are required to write an essay. Successful participants will receive a certificate. The best essays will be posted on the Virtual School web site.
Successful participants can take part in other programs/projects of NDN/NDCs.

More information on the internet.



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