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posted by nedad on 2006/03/11 13:01

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The new Lonely Planet edition about the most interesting cities of the world (see also Balkancities Weblog) brought a very interesting ranking of some Balkans capitals.

According to Lonely Planet Sarajevo seems to be by far the most attractive capital for living on the Balkans. It took surprisingly the 43th place, just three places under Vienna! Zagreb and Belgrade were ranked in 125th and 143th place respectively.

On this occasion writer and poet Mile Stojić dedicated his column in the Sarajevan weekly Dani to the Bosnian capital (text in Croatian) with a closing remark that despite all tragedies and aggression this city ("an isle in the heart of the world" - verse by poet Abdulah Sidran) experienced, it grows more and more into a respectable center of culture.

It is indeed astonishing that just a year ago one could not ever hear about Sarajevo and Bosnia as tourist destinations, and then all of the sudden this region has become interesting for globetrotters. However, it should be mentioned that Bosnia-Herzegovina unlike Croatia or even Montengro does not have its own touristic strategy. The most of visits are organized without any support of the official tourist associations. And then we come to a good old fact that Bosnians always let someone else to do "the job" for them instead of involving themselves.

This Lonely Planet survey shows that Bosnia still has a lot to offer, maybe this can serve as a stimulus to the crisis-ridden Bosnian Government to finally start thinking about long-term development strategies of the country.



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