Call for Papers-Call for Applications - Part 20

posted by olivera on 2005/04/05 19:19

[ Call for Papers-Call for Applications ]

The Chair of History of Byzantium and the Balkans, Sofiya University "St. Klimend Ohridsky" with the support of the city of Plovdiv is announcing a call for participants from the Balkan countries for a two day workshop on "The Power of the Powerless - Crisis in the Balkans 1885-1886".

The history of the Balkan crisis of 1885-1886 is not lacking in serious
research both in the Balkans and in Europe in general. Still every year new documents are dug out which shed new light on the events, on the principal actors, on the complex interaction between small states and Great Powers. Apart of the usual diplomatic and military aspects of the crisis in recent years greater attention is being paid by historians, political scientists and economists to its social and psychological consequences.
The Workshop will take part in Plovdiv around 15th of October 2005 (the exact dates yet to be determined). The expenses of the participants will be covered by the organizers.
Send your application with a short resume of the proposed
paper (250-300 words) and a short CV until May 1, 2005.

Ivan Ilchev
Sofiya University "St. Klimend Ohridsky"
Tzar Oswoboditel Bld. 15
Phone: +3592 987 62 92; +3592 9308 322



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