Call for Papers-Call for Applications - Part 18

posted by olivera on 2005/03/20 15:44

[ Call for Papers-Call for Applications ]

The Centre for Advanced Study Sofia (CAS) is announcing its call for applications for fellowships...

in the international research project ‘Roles, Identities and Hybrids - Multiple Institutional Cultures in Southeast Europe within the Context of European Unification’ for the academic 2005 - 2006 year. The annual enrolment includes eight researchers - four fellows from the humanities and four from the social sciences. The duration of each fellowship is 9 months. Non-Bulgarian fellows are also eligible - they will be residing permanently or on a part-time basis in Sofia (negotiable in each individual case) and shall participate in all workshops, seminars and public events of the ‘Roles, Identities and Hybrids’ project that take part in CAS, Sofia.
The working language of the project is English. The goal of this collective research project is to explore the zone of intersection, interaction, and hybridization between institutional roles and collective identities. These intersections are of special importance for the countries in Southeastern Europe.

Application deadline: April 15, 2005.

Project Coordinator: Mila Popova

Hier können Sie einen umfangreichen Artikel der NZZ über die Arbeit des Centre for Advanced Study Sofia lesen.



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