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Södertörns högskola (Södertörn University) in south Stockholm is seeking a Professor of the intellectual history of the Baltic and East European regions. Application deadline: January 31, 2009.
Södertörns högskola (Södertörn University) in south Stockholm is a new, dynamic institute of higher education with a unique profile. A large proportion of the university college staff holds doctorates and there is a strong link between undergraduate education and research.

Since its foundation, we have endeavoured to create a university structure with a high academic standard. There are currently fifty-five professors. We are now strengthening our research profile and inviting applications for Professor of the intellectual history of the Baltic and East European regions.

European intellectual history has come to be dominated by research on West European intellectual traditions. The intellectual traditions of Eastern Europe have, in the meantime, often developed in a different direction when it comes to - for instance - central concepts such as folk/people, nation and state. In order to strengthen our research milieu, we are looking for a person with special expertise in intellectual history, history of the natural, social, or human sciences, including the history of economic doctrines, and the contextualisation of these aspects of intellectual history in the Baltic and East European regions..

The mandate of Södertörn University's Centre for Baltic and East European Studies (CBEES) is to coordinate, develop and initiate scholarly research on the Baltic Sea Area and East Europe. The Centre is multi-disciplinary, with an emphasis on the humanities and social sciences. The Centre currently employs approximately twenty active researchers. About forty graduate students are linked to the Centre through its Baltic and East European Graduate School (BEEGS). The Centre's working language is English; graduate students are recruited from many different countries. We are one of the largest centres of this kind in Scandinavia, and our goal is to become an international leader in research on the Baltic Sea Region and East Europe.

CBEES combines academic research with graduate school instruction. We are developing concentrated milieux around certain themes, led by special research leaders. At present, our research themes are (1) Cultural Theory - "Cosmopolis", Cultural Technologies and Cultural Public Spheres; (2) Knowledge and Sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region and (3) The Social Landscapes of the Political. We are in the process of developing additional themes, and themes can change over time. Our research milieu is strengthened by many conferences and seminars, guest researchers from the entire world, as well as cooperation with larger international networks.

The Centre's work is done in collaboration with other institutions and disciplines at Södertörn University. Research projects on the Baltic Sea Area and East Europe are anchored in many different milieux within the University, but meet at the Centre. Additional information on the Centre can be found on University's website, at

Disciplinary areas
The discipline of intellectual history, or, failing that, persons who work with arguments and issues pertinent to intellectual history within the disciplines of history, philosophy or political science.

Job description
The duties attached to this position include conducting, leading and supervising research, as well as administrative tasks. Fifty percent of full-time employment is reserved for research. The development of research includes collaboration with colleagues in and outside the discipline, initiating and leading of research projects, and attracting research funds that can strengthen the current research profile of the Centre.

The successful candidate will be expected to work closely with the Department of Intellectual History at the University, and collaborate in supervising graduate students, in developing the discipline's scholarly networks, both national and international, and in establishing contacts with the surrounding community. Applicants lacking knowledge of Swedish are expected to become competent in the language during their term of employment.

The successful candidate can demonstrate a high level of research and pedagogical skills, good ability to establish contacts with the surrounding community, and good academic leadership skills. Fluency in English is a precondition for employment. Those who read Swedish can find further details described in "Södertörns högskolas anställningsordning för lärare under punkt 1.2.1" - the "Anställningsordningen" can be found in the left-hand menu, under

Selection criteria
Applications will be ranked with particular attention to a demonstrated high level of scholarly research. In addition to the necessary qualifications cited above, we will be judging applications in accordance with the following criteria, which are ranked as follows:
  • Documented experience in research, including international publications within the fields of the Baltic Sea Region and East Europe.
  • Documentation on successfully completed research projects. We especially welcome experience in participation in and leadership of larger research programmes.
  • Documented competence in one or several Baltic Sea Region languages.
  • Documented evidence of international networks within Baltic Sea Region and East European research communities.
  • Documented experience in supervising and teaching graduate students.
  • Documented ability to work as a member of a team.

Those who read Swedish can find the general criteria for judging professors in "Södertörns högskolas anställningsordning för lärare, punkt 1.3" (se i vänstermenyn under

The position
The position is full-time until further notice. It is expected to commence as soon as possible. Södertörn University is an equal opportunity employer, and fully recognises the benefits of diversity. We encourage an even distribution of the sexes, as well as ethnic and cultural variety. Most of our current professors are male; we therefore welcome applications from women. Positive discrimination may be applied. The place of work is at Södertörn University's campus in Flemingsberg.

For further information:
Director Anu Mai Kõll, Centre for Baltic and East European Studies, CBEES, tel.: 08-608 43 82, email:

Trade union representatives:
Öjvind Diderichsen, SACO, tel: 08-608 46 55
Hannele Lilja, ST, tel: 08-608 42 83
Gunnar Stenberg, SEKO, tel: 070-316 43 41

Application procedure::
If you would like more information about qualifications required, selection criteria and/or the documentation of pedagogical merits, please contact our Human Research Department ( Those who read Swedish can also look under the left-hand menu at

The application should be in English. It should include a CV with supporting documentation, a copy of your doctoral degree, a cover letter describing, and records of, your pedagogical and research qualifications, your ability to establish contacts with the general public and to function as an academic leader, as well as any other qualifications you would like to cite as relevant to the application. You should include a select bibliography of (a maximum of 15) scholarly papers / publications that you wish to submit for consideration.

Applicants may be asked to send in copies of the publications cited at a later date. We accept electronic applications, but these are to be complemented by four signed hard copies of the original application (including copies of enclosures), which must be received within three weeks after the application closing date.

Please note that one copy of all documents will be retained by the University for a period of two years from the date the decision is taken on the appointment, in accordance with a directive from Sweden's National Archives. This does not apply to enclosures that are printed or published in other ways.

Four copies of the application, marked " dnr 1397/22/2008", are to be received by the University by January 30 2009 at the latest.

Mailing address: Registrator, Södertörns högskola, 141 89 Huddinge, or via e-mail to: