Wars of symbols

posted by Julia on 2009/02/27 09:37

[ Western Balkans and EU ]

The Czech EU Presidency installation Entropa (pdf booklet) by the Czech artist David Černý triggered a lot of debate and criticism - so much that there is even a summary of the debate  on Wikipedia. Bulgarian TV moderator Boyko Vassilev explains why: 
"By creating a project where everyone feels offended, Cerny (perhaps unintentionally) shows how fragile Europe is in a world constantly driven by wars of symbols and representation. It shows also how this war could ignite along the fringes of or even within the union." (more...)

(quote continued) "In this mix you could easily spot the vulnerable – the small nations. Italy could swallow the masturbating soccer players, because it has Rome and Caesar, Chianti and Florence, San Marco, and Maldini. But Bulgaria and Slovakia, Macedonia, and Albania have no other hope than to pray that CNN gets their good side.
What is left for small countries then? They can be self-confident and parody the symbols of the big."



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All photos by the Photo Arts Collective of Kosovo. First photo by Burim Myftiu (Swimming olympiade in Klina). Second photo by Mimoza. Third photo by Dashmir Izairi.
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