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posted by julia on 2006/02/24 21:20

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Mediacentar Sarajevo has recently published a call for papers for the publication on "Gender stereotypes in media: Representation of women in print media in South-Eastern Europe" (deadline: 1st March 2006). The project "Gender stereotypes in media" was launched in September 2005. Click here to read the call for papers in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, or click on "more..." for information in English.

The Mediacentar Sarajevo is conducting a comprehensive research
project focusing on the issue of gender stereotype roles, methods and
strategies of discrimination against women in print media in Southeast
Europe. Countries covered by the project are Albania, Bosnia and
Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia and Montenegro,
including Kosovo.

Publication of a book on media portrayal of women in the countries of
Southeast Europe, with contributions by authors from Albania, Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia and Serbia and
Montenegro, including Kosovo, is planned for the end of 2006.

The research is imagined to be a critical reflection of ideological
pattern that nowadays governs the ways of presenting women in print

A total of 9 research papers / articles will be published, with at
least one author coming from each of the above listed countries that
are included in this project.


Mediacentar Sarajevo invites researchers / gender activists / media
professionals, to propose articles/ research papers that would provide
in-depth insight into the patterns of media representation of women in
the print media in their societies.

For more information on criteria and guidelines of paper submissions, please email Mrs. Adla Isanovic.



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