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[ Conferences ]

Here is an update of conferences held in 2006 by and for political scientists and sociologists who work on the Balkan and European Integration. I put together a chronologically ordered list, which you are very welcome to complete (just scroll down-down-down and hit the "reply" button!). Cf. also the Kakanien events calendar.
  • The University of Graz will host an international conference on

    European Integration and its Effects on Minority Protection in the Western

    Balkan Countries
    from 24 - 25 February 2006. For more information, please

    check the conference


  • SOYUZ, the Post-Communist Cultural Studies Interest Group of

    Bryant University in

    Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA, invites to a conference on Refiguring

    “Socialist” and

    “Postsocialist” Spaces in a Deterritorializing World
    on 3-5 March 2006. For


    information, please read the Call for proposals.

  • The Center for Conflict Studies of the Philipps-Universität

    Marburg/Germany proposes a

    Spring School on Ethnic Conflicts from 6-11 March 2006 and a

    conference on Ethnic Conflicts in a Changing World from 10 to 11 March

    2006. More information on the webpages of the summer school and the


  • The Universities of Montpellier III/Paris 8/ Ecole Normale Superieure

    and the Young Researchers Group on "Morality, Politics, and International Justice"

    are inviting to a conference on Philosophical heritage, historical contingency

    and moral universality. Reception of the ICTY in ex-Yugoslavia
    from 14 to 15

    March 2006 in Montpellier and from 30 March to 1 April 2006 in Paris. For more

    information, please read the call for


  • The Association for the Study of Nationalities (ASN) will organize a

    conference on

    Nationalism in an Age of Globalization from 23-25 March 2006 at


    University/New York. There will be 100 thematic and geographic panels. For more


    please check the ANS webpage and the

    conference announcement


  • Die Südosteuropa-Gesellschaft bereitet ein Südosteuropa-

    für Nachwuchswissenschaftler der Politischen Wissenschaft und
    vor, das dem 80. Geburtstag von Ehrenmitglied Dr.
    Fritz Exner gewidmet ist. Das erste Kolloquium wird vom 30. März bis
    1. April 2006 stattfinden. Konferenzort: Bundesakademie für
    kulturelle Bildung, Wolfenbüttel. Mehr Informationen im Call for

  • The Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj proposes a conference on The

    New Frontiers of

    Europe. International,
    Inter-ethnic and Inter-Confessional
    from 6 to 8 April 2006. More

    information on the conference


  • The Oxford University Greek Society, with the

    support of

    South East
    European Studies at Oxford, is organising a graduate conference on
    Greece and the Balkans: two hundred years of coexistence, interaction
    and mutual influence
    in Oxford at the end of April 2006. For more

    information, check the



  • The Central European University in Budapest will hold the Second

    CEU Graduate Conference

    in Social Sciences on The End of Transitions? Central and Eastern European

    Countries in

    Comparative Perspective
    from 5 to 7 May 2006. Fore more information please

    email the Conference co-ordinator Todor


  • The Common Bond Institute (CBI) and the Harmony Institute of

    Psychotherapy & Counseling organize their 14th Annual International

    Conference on Conflict Resolution
    in St. Petersburg, from 5 to 15 May 2006.
    Among the topics addressed are dynamics of terrorism throughout the world,

    trauma, forgiveness and reconciliation, as well as issues in the Middle East, South

    Asia, and the Balkans. Submission deadline for proposals: 10 March 2006. For

    more information, please check the conference


  • The Institute of Economics of Wroclaw University hosts a conference

    on the Economic

    Relations in the Enlarged EU
    on 11-12 May 2006. Papers can be sent in until

    1 April 2006.

    For more information, email Prof.



  • The European Studies Institute in Diauliai, Lithuania invites applicants

    for a conference

    European Studies: between Globalisation and Regionalism (Humanitarian and

    Social Aspects)

    on 12-13 May 2006. Proposed topic areas for presentations: New European Centres


    Peripheries: the Dynamics of Polycentricity in EU; The Change of Mentalities

    against the

    Background of European Integration Processes; Development of National

    Languages in the New

    EU: Facts and Prospects; National Literatures of EU: Globalisation and Pop-

    Culture vs.

    Artistry and Identity; Political Identity Crossroads: between the East-West Concept


    North-South Orientation of the New Europe; Global Integration and Migration of

    the Work

    Force: New Technological and Cultural Collaboration Opportunities; New

    Historical Identities

    of EU: the Imagined Community, Propaganda and Facts. Deadline for abstracts: 15


    2006. For more information, please check the conference


  • Zenska infoteka is pleased to invite

    you to take part at the 10th annual
    International Seminar "Women and Politics"
    , organized in cooperation with
    the Heinrich Böll Stiftung - Regional Office Sarajevo and Inter University
    Centre Dubrovnik.
    The Seminar will take place on May 18-21, 2006 at the Inter University
    Centre Dubrovnik. Participants are expected to prepare a research paper on the

    topic: women in politics and changes in gender social positions / roles (abstracts

    expected by 1 March 2006). For more information, please email Zenska infoteka.

  • The South East European Studies section at Oxford University (St

    Antony's College)
    and the RAMSES 2 Network of Excellence on the Mediterranean organize a

    symposium on (Trans)nationalism in the Mediterranean in Oxford from 26

    to 28 May 2006. The symposium would like to explore, in a
    comparative perspective across the wider Mediterranean area (South East Europe,

    Turkey, the Middle
    East, North Africa and the littoral EU Member States), the
    question of how conflicts over borders (state, ethnic, religious,
    communal) and territory both generates cross-border identities and
    solidifies "national" or group identities. Applications can be sent in until 27

    February 2006. For more information, please read the call for papers (word doc.)


  • The European Research Unit of the Athens Institute for Education and
    Research (AT.IN.E.R.) announces its 4th international conference on
    International and European Political and Economic Affairs for 29-31 May

    2006. More

    information can be found on the conference website.

  • Students from all over the world can apply to attend the III Jean

    Monnet International Seminar on "Intergrating Europe in a Changing World"

    Rome from 3 to 14 July 2006 (application deadline 30 April 2006). For more

    information, check the summerschool


  • The Franco-Austrian Centre

    organizes a conference on The social and economic development in

    in Ljubljana on 12-13 June 2006 for political and economic decision

    -makers. More information on the conference webpage.

  • The Centre for East European Studies of
    Warsaw University is organizing the Third Warsaw East European Conference on

    Twenty five

    years of changes in the post-communist world
    on 5-8 July 2006. Abstracts can

    be sent in

    until 31 March 2006. More information can be found on the conference


  • The Institute for Strengthening Democracy in Bosnia invites paper

    submissions for the 9th Annual International Seminar Democracy and Human

    Rights in Multiethnic Societies
    to be held in Konjic (Bosnia-Herzegovina) from

    10 to 14 July 2006. More information on the conference


  • The Max Planck-Institute for Social
    Anthropology, the Danish Institute for International

    Studies and the Humboldt-University Berlin are proposing a conference on
    The Artifices of Government. On the appropriation, the use, and the formation of
    on 20-21 July 2006, bringing together scholars from history,


    sociology as well as sociology and political science. More information on the conference

    announcement website

    in the call for


  • The Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University

    of Limerick will

    host a conference aiming at Exchanging Ideas on Europe 2006 - Visions of

    Europe: Key

    Problems, New Trajectories
    from 31 August to 2 September 2006. More

    information on the conference


  • The 2006 ASN European Conference on Globalization,

    Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in

    the Balkans and its Regional Context
    will be organized by the Forum for

    Ethnic Relations

    in Belgrade on 28-30 September 2006. The conference will tackle nationalism and


    conflict; the development of national identity and the challenges of globalization;


    and terrorism, organized crime and illegal migrations; conflict prevention; and the

    protection of human and minority rights. For more information, please go to the website of the Forum for Ethnic

    . Scholars from South Eastern Europe can

    apply for grants.



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