Montenegro - Part 20

posted by usha on 2006/05/20 00:55

[ Montenegro ]

With the headline Tiny Montenegro Seeks Independence Montenegro made it to the Canadian Papers.

The question is, if Montenegro is really "tiny" or "dwarfed by Serbia and its eight million people", as you can read later in the short article. Thus, if Montenegro is tiny in itself or only in comparison and union to Serbia. The latter would, indeed, be fatal. Serbia itself is not a particular giant state-territory with a huge amount of people. Depending on the comparison, one could even call Serbia "tiny", too. To be dwarfed by a dwarf is thus serious.

According to the article Prime Minister Djukanovic is about to lead Montenegro to a better economic future due to closer ties to be built up to the EU, what Serbia failed to do so far. Behind stands Serbia's inability or unwillingness to deliver war crimes fugitives. Montenegro and her representative Djukanovic are turelly lucky that General Ratko Mladić is not Montenegrin, though I certainly doubt on Montenegro - tiny or not - to be free from any war criminals.

It is nice, and I appreciate the last Thursday's "independence rally" in Podgorica. There are not many reasons to think of that would make the state union with Serbia necessary. Though, the arguments for the EU-close good times to come are lame.



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