Montenegro - Part 12

posted by usha on 2005/12/22 12:23

[ Montenegro ]

The article is not brand-new, yet, it firstly gives a speaking example of the haunting fantasies of a balkanized back-drop into pre-civilisation and barbarism, and the emergence of phantasms.

Since the first travelogues from the Balkans, esp. from Montenegro and Albania, fantasies of blood feud, mobile structures of alliances based on a tribal legacy, and the following instability of such societies in a global frame are haunting the powers outside the Balkans.

For examining the resistance of such images and phantasms it is irrelevant, whether there is some truth within the "tribal legacy" or not. To be fair, one has to admit that any perception of something is based on something, whether this gains the status of a "fact" or whether it doesn't.

Tribes are connected with territorial claimes, and while nowadays global community and politics tries to mask out actual territorial claims, also "our" modern structures of nation states and their diverse federations are based on territorial structures and a geography of power - though this geography is mobile, too, and can be established in far distant regions. The territorial machinery per se still is the military.

Thus, when the military is reflecting upon its own "roots" and its special "other", its unsoluble connection to territory and the partition of territories, societies and cultures, as, for example, in the above-mentioned case it is thinking about Montenegrin military and political tribal legacy, I guess, it is something to be welcomed. Territorial and tribal aspects of the Montenegrin (and Albanian) "race of warriors" have for long been the attraction for strategic studies. All of them are also dealing with the imaginary geography of mobile territories and alliances throwing light on the own social role and rules (producing the phantom of Balkanization).

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