Montenegro - Part 11

posted by usha on 2005/12/21 10:29

[ Montenegro ]

Once irritated by it, Habsburg continues to haunt me. It is, indeed and unfortunately, everywhere. So, for instance, here on a site called "Solving Problems through Force".

Embarrasingly, Glenn W. Stefanovics, the site's editor, dedicates the site to

the honour and memory of the military commanders and political figures who led the Empire of Austria-Hungary through four years of tribulation during the First World War. There are more than 150 biographies of Austria-Hungary's military commanders, politicians, ambassadors, and other notables. Most pages have photos, biographical essays, orders of battle with linked cross-references, special articles, official proclamations, maps, and posters. And, there are links to worthy and interesting sites for more information. Please visit regularly and "spread the word" to perpetuate the memory of these gentlemen and the tragic time in which they lived.
Though, the collection of biographies, photographs and tables of events is most helpful for everyone dealing with the "decaying Empire" and WW I, the scope of praise is --- strange.

Montenegro is dealt with by the series of photographs from WW I. See "Resistance is Futile".



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