Gender - Part 16

posted by usha on 2005/11/18 09:32

[ Gender ]

Jesus, - there's just another one of that stupid survey evaluations on male and female performance and attitude. This time Heise online is quoting the British scholar Simeon Yates and is happy to announce that SMS writing women are cooperative and assure their communication partner of their sympathy. When they are communicating with other women they are even plainly talkative. On the other hand, men keep things short and tend to be additionally sarcastic. I wonder how they do that? Actually, I know little people (men or women) who manage to be sarcastic by the average sentence of, let's say, five words (about 40 characters). His male subjects of the study write 68 characters on average, and thus have a better chance of communicating sarcasm. Anyway, its a depressing male life if sarcasm (as a tool of power and dominance) has to be shown even in SMS...



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