Spaces of Identity - Part 8

posted by usha on 2005/09/19 22:44

[ Spaces of Identity ]

"Croatian pupils boycott Serb teachers at fist day of School" was a headline on September 6, 2005.

Considering the free choice of their teachers pupils of elementary schools usually have fact would be that those pupils' parents did not want any Serbian teachers for their childern whom they forbade to attend school. The short article addresses that:

Headmaster Zvonko Koljarik said that parents of the Croatian pupils did not want three ethnic Serb teachers to teach their children as they would pick up a Serbian accent rather than their native Croatian.
Fine, - there's no use to worry: it's only about accents. The accents which have the power to decide about the interpretation of the last 15 years of Croatian or Serbian history, indeed. Accent accentuating accidents differently as Croatian and Serb spaces of identity should be kept separated by different classes and curricula.



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