Spaces of Identity - Part 5

posted by usha on 2005/07/25 12:54

[ Spaces of Identity ]

One of my favorite blogs, All about Latvia reports on the Gay Pride Parade in Riga.

Surprisingly (or not), Latvians - not only Latvia's representatives - remembered right in time to be a Christian nation. Thus, since the official Christian firm belief does treat sexuality only within the frame of reproduction, to be gay is against nature.

Christian values as stressed against the rights of "sexual minorities" are mere politics and nothing else. They are meant to produce a common space of identification that successfully excludes some groups who are suspect of being maybe too liberal, do have no use for the state (they do not produce any offspring as new citizens defending the Christian-based values of the state), and in the worst case spread AIDS.

The Latvian blogger does not mention AIDS, but I am sure that the deeply rooted prejudice against the "disease of gays" did not spare the Latvians. But he notices that the treatment of sexual minorities by the government is similar to the treatment of sex by the Sowjets: there are/is none. Not surprising if thinking (Christian) values together with the state. Maybe this is the reason as well, for an easier accepting of "soft" Lesbianism in comparison to gays, as was reported by Draxblog on July 10, 2005, stating that Lesbians do not cause that much worry for the average Croatian male (but even sexual stimulation - who does not know all the contemptuous sayings about the wish to join Lesbians and to teach them the right sort of intercourse?) than gays. It seems, as if Lesbianism is regarded as being possible to be "healed". Sooner or later, within a society dedicatd to "Christian values", even a Lesbian woman will be married...

Less surprising is Catholic Polands dedication to "Christian values", where the coming-out of being gay is an act of heroism, as claimes by PolBlog. The missing space of identification corresponds to the prohibition of taking any public space. Yet, when reading this one should not forget that although in the "West" the discussion about sexual minorities and various spaces of identity, also in public, is about 20 years old, a lot of the misunderstandings, prohibitions, prejudices, etc. are working there, as well. There are still enough people in these countries who want especially gays to stay "invisible minorities". How this depends exactly on "Christian values" would need a lot of analysis and deliberation.



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