Film Festivals - Part 33

posted by SHorváth on 2006/10/22 19:39

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As announced here, the astra film fest will take place from 23 to 29 October 2006 in Sibiu (RO) - the Cultural Capital of Europe in 2007.
This International Festival of Documentary Film & Visual Anthropology offers a wide variety of special programs, among them: ROMANIA - Romanian documentaries made during the past 16 years, following the motto:

A country without documentary films is like a family without a photo album
    1989 marked an outburst of the Romanian media. Nevertheless, the phenomenon did not bring the documentary film into focus. The production of documentaries was still produced almost exclusively by television channels, and therefore could not escape the TV reportage format or the cinematographic essay style fostered by the single documentary film studio that had functioned in Romania before 1989.
    In the 90s, few filmmakers dared take the adventurous track of the independent production, and those who did found no support, whether financial or of any other kind.

    On the other hand, statistics reveal that foreign TV channels specialized on commercial documentary films, which are accessible to the Romanian audience due to the cable networks, make good ratings, proving that the interest for documentary films is remarkably high in the country.

    Paradoxically, while the domestic documentary film production experienced difficult times, Romania was becoming a favourite destination for foreign television channels and independent producers, whose productions have averaged 20 films per year.

    Despite unfavourable conditions, the Romanian documentary film has had its share of successes. Putting them all together, we can make up a "photo album" of the troubled 90s, the decade of the transition.


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