Auszeichnungen - Awards - Part 2

posted by SHorváth on 2005/10/29 00:46

[ Auszeichnungen - Awards ]

Gyula Pados has been awarded the Silver Camera at the 26th International Film Camera Festival Manaki Brothers in Bitola, Macedonia, for his cinematographic work in Lajos Koltai’s Fateless.

12 feature films were in competition at this year’s cinematographers’ festival. Gyula Pados shared the award with Alain Marcoen, cinematographer of Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne’s L’Enfant’s Palme d’Or award winner at Cannes. In its explanation, the jury – chaired by Italian cinematographer Vittorio Storaro – emphasized the inventive artistic approach, and the excellent means for depicting the story.
Last year Gyula Pados won the Silver Camera, as well as the award of the audience at the film festival of Bitola for Control.

Hungarian Websites:

Sorstalanság (Fateless)

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