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posted by Katalin Teller on 2009/11/16 17:13

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The History Department at CEU (Central European University) Budapest offers fellowships for 1year and 2year MA programs. The programs start in September 2010. Deadline for applications is January 25, 2010.

Central European University, Budapest, is the only transnational English-language graduate school in Europe that is accredited both on our continent (in Hungary) and the United States.

The History Department is a highly cosmopolitan place of learning, a site of transnational academic socialization where sophisticated scholarship is combined with an easy-going atmosphere and social relevance. See www.ceu.hu/history

The student body is just about half men and half women. In recent years it included students from all across Europe, Central Asia, the Near and Middle East, Central and North Americas, even the Pacific. Altogether, students from over thirty countries have studied here. Virtually all of them receive grants, fellowships, as well as other forms of needs- and merit-based financial assistance.

The faculty, staff, and students are cosmopolitan and multilingual; permanent and recurrent visiting faculty comes from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United States. The curriculum is comparative, interdisciplinary, and up-to-date with the most recent developments in scholarship.

It is possible to concentrate on a number of special subjects or specializations, especially ones that, from a wider global perspective, may be regarded as defining the historical identity of the region, such as Jewish Studies, Ottoman Studies, History of Science, or Religious Studies.

Applications are invited for two MA programs: in one-year (Master of Arts in Central European History), designed for students who have completed at least a four-year Bachelor’s degree; and in two years (Master of Arts in Historical Studies, offered jointly with the Department of Medieval Studies), designed for those who have completed a three-year Bachelor’s degree. There is also a PhD program in Comparative History of Central, Southeastern and Eastern Europe). Apply at www.ceu.hu/admissions.

For inquiries about the admissions process or programs for graduate degrees, or for any other questions about the department, please email to history@ceu.hu.

Contact: History Department , Central European University, c/o Zsuzsanna Bajo, Nádor u. 9,
H-1051 Budapest, Hungary, Phone: +36 1 327-3022, Fax: +36 1 327-3191.