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posted by Katalin Teller on 2009/10/15 14:22

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The University of Konstanz is one of the nine Universities of Excellence in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Zukunftskolleg is a central scientific institution of the University of Konstanz for the promotion of young scientists. It is offering 5 Research Positions (Salary Scale 14 TV-L – Reference number 2009/130) for the development and implementation of individual research projects/research groups. The initial appointments will commence on April 1, 2010 and end on September 30, 2011. An extension of the work contract for an additional 3.5 years will be financed by the Zukunftskolleg, provided, that substantial external third-party funding for a research project has been granted. Application deadline: November 30, 2009.

The Zukunftskolleg provides a professional infrastructure and an appropriate workplace for conducting research. A pool for funding cooperative projects, research assistants, research trips and the acquisition of equipment is available. Additionally, fellows may nominate recognized experts in their field of research as senior fellows, who will be invited to Konstanz for a period of 3-12 months and who, in addition to their research work, will advise young scientists in the Zukunftskolleg.

The prerequisites for acceptance are a doctoral degree and outstanding scien­tific qualification as documented by research activities and publications. The ideal candidate has just finished her /his dissertation or has acquired initial work experience as a postdoctoral researcher. International experience in teach­ing or research and a strong interest in interdisciplinary topics are desirable. Each fellow is a member of both a department of the university and the Zukunftskolleg. Involvement in teaching is possible. The foreseen topical connection of the project to the research profile of the University of Konstanz should be demonstrated in the project outline.

Fellows will be selected on the basis of their project outlines and a two-day workshop to be held on February 22–23, 2010 at the University of Konstanz.

Information about the fellowships and additional opportunities for participation in the Zukunftskolleg are available on our website. The full-length version of this announcement is available at: Applicants should send their application form, their project outline, a letter of motivation, application documents and a reading excerpt in English as a PDF file (one file per applicant only!) to: