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posted by Julia on 2008/05/07 01:31

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With the signing of the SAA agreement and the upcoming elections, Serbia is in the centre of attention this week. The SAA agreement - although it has only been signed and has not taken effect yet - has sparked a lot of discontent, first and foremoth in Serbia's neighbouring countries: Bosnia which is also waiting to sign an SAA and Albania which signed it in 2006.

Moreover, as E. Rathfelder writes for the TAZ, the SAA agreement is not seen as a victory of Tadic - who enjoys high-level protection after he received death threats -, but as his yielding to EU pressure:

"In der Presse werden nicht die proeuropäischen Kräfte unter Präsident Boris Tadic, sondern der bisherige Ministerpräsident Vojislav Kostunica gelobt. Die Entscheidung der EU wird als Kapitulation Brüssels und als ein Sieg Kostunicas interpretiert."

Cf. also the summaries of EU media's analyses on Eurotopics.

In another attempt to reach out to the Serbian population, 16 EU countries + Norway propose to end visa charges for Serbian citizens "with a view to full liberalization of the visa regime".

Nevertheless, the election poll on the B92 website predicts a victory of the DSS/SRS in the upcoming parliamentary and local elections:

Another poll conducted on 30 April sees the radical SRS in the lead with 33.2%, followed by the coalition around Tadic's Democrat Party (DS) with 31.5%. At the same time, this same poll apparently shows that 53% of Serbs in support the signing of the SAA.

The elections will also be held in Kosovo, although UNMIK had indicated that this would go against resolution 1244 (which is often invoked by the Serbian government to argue against Kosovo's independence).


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For those who like pre-election polls, this article by BalkanInsight mentions a new Cesid poll while this article from Die Presse refers to a Gallup poll.

Then, I would like to share with you this comment from journalists of the Serbian newspaper Blic and published (in French) on the "Courrier des Balkans" website: comparing the death threats against President Tadic to the hate speech of the 1990s, the authors argue that this kind of hate propaganda which is not based on evidence undermines the rule of law and the (international) image of Serbia.


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