Kosova-o - Part 24

posted by julia on 2006/04/17 13:28

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The newspaper Koha Ditore launched a contest: every person who finds a very large (and deep) street hole in Prishtina will get 4 new car tyres and a photo of "his/her hole" in the newspaper. The hole published in today's Koha Ditore is 1 m long, 2 m wide and 20 cm deep... At the end of the contest, the biggest street hole will be officially named "Ismet Beqiri hole", after the mayor of Prishtina.

Photo: road in the centre of Prishtina, (c) Julia Nietsch


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All photos by the Photo Arts Collective of Kosovo. First photo by Burim Myftiu (Swimming olympiade in Klina). Second photo by Mimoza. Third photo by Dashmir Izairi.
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