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posted by hana on 2007/09/15 13:22

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First urbanistic workshop gradOST::07 from september, 17th -19th in Sighisoara in Transilvania in Romania.

Liebe Architekten, Stadtplaner, Landschafter, Soziologen,
Politologen, Künstler, usw. (und solche, die es werden wollen) ! Dear
(future) architects, urban planners, landscapers, sociologists,
political scientists, artists, and so on! Dragi arhitecti, urbanisti,
peisagisti, sociologi, politologi, artisti etc. (in devenire)!
NGO Sustainable Sighisoara an urban action group invites you to the
first urbanistic workshop gradOST::07

WHY: Romania, its regions, cities, towns, villages and landscapes
find themselves in 2007 in an accelerated process of complex urban
transformation with big opportunities and huge threats at every step.
The fact that Romania has two traditional types of towns and urban
cultures, as well as the experience of urban destruction during the
last decades of communism makes our country unique in Europe which
is so appealing to architects, urban planners, philosophers, artists,
explorers and so difficult to support for its inhabitants and
Sighisoara, a melting pot of people, cultures, mentalities and
architectures, is no exception from this rule.. come and discover the
details during the gradOST::07 days in Sighisoara/Schäßburg/Segesvar!
Bun venit!

WHAT: The aim of gradOST::07 is to explore and (re)discover
Sighisoara during 4 walking expeditions through various parts of the
town (old town, socialist new town, rural and industrial peripheries,
river and waters.) We want to bring you together with locals, the
sighisoreni. gradOST::07 is:: long walks in and around the town,
exploring spaces, atmospheres, needs, plans, dynamics, borders,
strengths, fragilities. See Sighisoara from inside & out. We'll
conclude the workshop with a summary and a presentation of the
participant's impressions and findings.

WHAT ELSE: gradOST = grad+ost+rad+radost =
degree+town+east+work+joy. Therefore it's eastern, it's european,
it's creative, it's playful. and it's you and us and the people from
Sighisoara, who will fill these days with form, colour, tastes and
content. we want you to feel like temporary locals, living all
together in one place, eating ciorba de fasole, cricala, almastezta,
drinking fresh spring-water and traubenmost, tasting apples and pears
from around Schäßburg!

WHAT'S NEXT: The urbanistic days in the transylvanian province will
continue next year! With gradOST::08 we will take action by
transforming the gradOST::07 experiences into visions, projects and
proposals. there will be spontaneous installations and activities in
public spaces, open-air-city-cinema, dinners in the market place,
city-lights beside a campfire, slow-down-mobility,... share your
ideas and visions for the future of Sighisoara! (hope to meet U again
next year!!)

WHO: ...architects, landscapers, townplanners, artists, musicians, sociologists..., gardeners, ..., hikers, mountainbikers, backpackers,
landstreicher, wine drinkers and beer-tasters.

WHEN:: 17th - 19th of september. Arrival on sunday, 16th of september
or monday.

WHERE: At the headquarters of our NGO Sustainable Sighisoara in 11
Bastionului street in the famous medieval old town of Sighisoara in
Transylvania in Romania in Europe.

SLEEP & SHOWER: In very basic conditions in your sleeping bag on the
floor of our NGO's headquarter in 11 Bastionului street! You can
take a shower or wash clothes at a nearby hostel.

EAT & DRINK: One warm meal per day guaranteed in small
neighborhood restaurants. If we don't receive funding we may charge a
max. amount of 7 lei/day. we hope this is ok with U?!

PARTICIPATION: Just contact us by email or mobile phone if you would
like to participate... part time participants are also welcome!
workshop languages will be Romanian, English, German, ...

Looking forward to meet you in beautiful Sighisoara,
Hans Hedrich 004-0747-356810
Leonie Rhode 004-0731-478243

NGO Sustainable Sighisoara
11, Bastionului Street (in the medieval citadel)
RO -545400 Sighisoara/ Schaessburg/ Segesvar



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