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posted by usha on 2007/01/17 16:40

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The following is a guest blog from our dear Belgrade collegue Tatjana Marković on the past Emergence-Workshop on Self-Representation. Thank you Tanja!

The workshop Emergenzen 4, under the title
Selbstdarstellung/Self-Representation is over and
here are some impressions about it. Sixteen participants of
various profiles, from Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Czech Republic,
Germany, the United States delivered their papers in German and English, exposing a very wide spectar of interdisciplinary approaches, methodologies, considering topics from the landscape architecture, film, music, literature to the industrialization, political propaganda, nationalism, questions of identity...

And not only the papers, but especially long discussions were very interesting and inspiring.

So, the KK Revisited people once more showed their creativity as organizers of such a great workshop, contributing papers themselves, being the excellent moderators (Usha, Nadja, Wladimir, Olivera, Nedad, then Nadja, and Nadja, and Nadja..), as well as wise voices from the audience, providing (together with two sweet wandering dogs in between) warm and friendly atmosphere for their guests.

It is also unavoidable to mention two more group of people contributed to this great atmosphere: two DJs from the SchliwoBeatz, and the charming staff of the Drahtwarenhandlung, who together (self)presented their view of the European identity crossroads via film&music and the cuisine concept. In other words: looking forward to the next scientific/friendly/amusing meeting with the KKRevisited group, or the creative self-presentation of Vienna!



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