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posted by olivera on 2006/10/29 21:44

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Verfassungsreferendum - AKTUALISIERT!

Laut CeSID (Centre for Free Elections and Democracy) eine NGO die das Referendum beobachtet, lag die Beteiligung ziemlich genau bei 50 Prozent! Genaue Angaben finden Sie hier. Laut B92 haben die Beobachter des CeSID von "erheblichen Unstimmigkeiten" im Laufe der zwei Wahltage berichtet.

Morgen in diesem Blog: Eine Zusammenfassung der Kommentare zum Ausgang des Referendums aus der serbischen und internationalen Presse; und natürlich die aktuellen Zahlen!


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Verfassungsreferendum - AKTUALISIERT!
Again, Serbia has been The Topic among the breaking news. And one more time for always the same magnificent struggle for own national identity, legitimity, independency, to show the world its great individuality and determination to... Somehow, she proved it during the weekend: for the new constitution voted 17% on Saturday and then, during Sunday evening -- oh, what a great spectacle with happy end! -- we saw the miracle: 51.4! Probably, no -- for sure, the main turn happened after the movie "Boj na Kosovu" ("The Kosovo Battle" -- if there is anybody on this planet who doesn't know, let me say that The Most Important Moment in Serbian history, when Serbian People lost the battle against the Ottomans and, instead of life on the earth, chose Heaven, happened in June 28, 1389... yes, exactly 617 years ago, but it still lives in the heart of every real, proper Serb and it is still the main criterium for the actual political decisions, of course -- well, the Heaven People has its own understanding of time, present and past, universal cosmic laws, the secret of life...). So, the same scenario of the late S.M. from 1999: the same movie, the same sentimental stories about Serbian graves that have to be protected by all of us (according to the Heaven logic, dead people are much more relevant) no matter at what cost, and again the president who gets a good deal of satisfaction from his citizens -- as he said, all Serbs will understand sooner ar later how good is we got the new constitution, and they (in the first place, the nasty ones who didn't vote) will learn in the course of the time that beyond this constitution doesn't stand any individual person, any party, any government, but the People (Volk). (!) Having this high aim in mind, who cares about the pressure made by demands from "above" to go and vote sent to the citizens by e-mail and even by SMS, who cares that RIK (Republicka izborna komisija) said it wouldn't be any problem if they find more voting papers in the boxes after the election than there are voters (!?) Never mind, although, as somebody said, is it worth of the general excitement at all? -- we could have lived without laws up to now, no problems to continue... So, as Serbia(n amazing politicians) show over and over again, the country can be and actually is one of the breaking news without any positive event, without any accident such was terrifying crash of the Nigerian plane, without any kind of natural catastrophy -- no need to have any reason coming from outside, there is more than enough creative minds inside, always capable to make unbelievable disasters. They know how. But, since in front of us simply is not the past, but the future, we know how too.
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Verfassungsreferendum - AKTUALISIERT!
Did they really show this movie again?!
P.S.: Thanks for the great comment.


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