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The Curriculum Resource Center of the Central European University in Budapest announces April 2006 Spring Sessions organized in cooperation with the Departments and Programs of the Central European University. In Spring 2006 the following Course Innovation Session is offered: Re-Focusing South East-European Studies: Integrating Comparative and Relational Perspectives, Budapest, May 22-26, 2005. Deadline for Applications: April 10, 2006.

The process of regional integration and the European Union's Eastern
enlargement calls for the incorporation of South-East European
Studies into the framework of European studies. In this context, the
workshop addresses the need to re-think the history of South-East
Europe by employing relational and comparative approaches, as part of
a more general effort to re-write continental and global history from
an integrated perspective.

The reconfiguration of South-East European Studies can only be the
result of sustained team work of the academic community, as part of
an organized long-term transnational dialogue. To this end, the
workshop plans to bring together junior academics who are at the
beginning of their teaching career, or mid-career and senior
academics scholars teaching the history of South-East Europe in local
universities, engaging them in collaborative critical rethinking of
the theoretical underpinnings and research agenda of South-East
European studies. In addition to the critical scrutiny of "the state
of the art" in the field, the workshop attempts to stimulate
innovative comparative research and to facilitate the incorporation
of research results into teaching, by encouraging the introduction of
new courses on South-East Europe into university curricula in the

The workshop is organized with a strong involvement of the CEU
History Department, which is currently offering a specialization in
South-East European Studies.

The Applicants must:

  • be university teachers and/or professionals (who teach part-time)
    in the Social Sciences and Humanities from the region who are
    preparing to revise or develop their courses
  • have sufficient
    English language ability, both written and spoken, to participate in
    discussions and use resource materials
  • submit an application with
    all accompanying required documents as stated on the CRC application

All costs related to transportation and accommodation during the
sessions will be covered by the CRC.

Curriculum Resource Session application forms, application deadlines,
the session schedule and further information on the center's outreach
activities and resources may be obtained from the CRC office at the
Central European University or through national Soros Foundations.

Curriculum Resource Center (CRC) / Central European University,
Nádor útca 9, H -1051 Budapest, Hungary;
Tel: ++ (36 - 1) 327 3189 or 327 3000,
Fax: ++ (36 -1) 327 3190;



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