Montenegro - Part 3

posted by usha on 2005/10/11 13:27

[ Montenegro ]

In late spring 2005, a group of scholars gathered in Antwerp to discuss the (semi)colonial relation of Habsburg with Bosnia. One of these scholars has been Christian Marchetti whom I met yesterday in front of the Austrian National Library.

The short anecdote he told me was both, funny and tragic at the same time: Christian Marchetti is browsing through all of the Austrian archives in search for material on the great Austrian expeditions to Albania and Bosnia. When he was asking for such material he got recommended to have a look at Christian Häußer's article on "Kakanien revisited". Thus, he was linked to his own article, published before his change of name due to his marriage.

Not quite as elaborate as Christian Häußer/Marchetti's article, but similar in focus is the recent publication of my own project draft, "Montenegro in Focus", to which I'd like to draw your attention. The research is embedded into the one of a whole project team on cores and peripheries of the Habsburg Empire.

Concepts of space are shaping the research of both my own and the whole team. Thus, I am dealing here and in the respective publications with Montenegro as a geographical Border Area, as a Symbolic Space of Pre-modernity, as Utopia or Heterotopia of Modernity, with Montenegro in mediated, Photographic Spaces, with Montenegro as Theater of War and its Dynamics, Montenegro as a Tourist's Landscape and Space of Discovery, and last, but not least with Montenegro as a Adiaphoric space.

... to be continued ...



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