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posted by usha on 2005/10/20 10:38

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Draxblog has an entry about corruption in Croatia that is on the same level as in Burkina Faso, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Poland.

His considerations on Croatian corruption is based on the Global Corruption Report 2005 released by Transparency International. The single parts of the report containing research and country reports are available as PDFs.

It is true that it comes without surprise that corruption in Europe is high especially in the so-called transition countries (namely Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Latvia - while within the report Estonia and Lithuania, for example, are missing). This is why Draxblog entiteld his entry "Tell Us Something We Don't Know". This is what everybody expects. It is nevertheless shocking that in Croatia the Law on the Access to Information failed almost completely. The right of access to information is crucial for every democracy. Thus, I am more concerned about this case than, for example, about (illegal) donations to parties in Latvia.

Interesting is also that there is a case of Austrian-German bribery listed in the "Highlights from the Report", although both countries (unlike Britain) are not included in the country reports. To be frank: I wonder if there has been only this case concerning the building of a soccer stadium.



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